‘Inhumans’ Drops to Ratings Low for Marvel TV Series

‘Inhumans’ Drops to Ratings Low for Marvel TV Series

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  • I went in with the best intentions, I even kind of enjoyed the first two episodes in a weird way, and then they go and give me a fucking Karnak love story? Fuck you from the bottom of my heart, the fact Marvel greenlit this trash is a huge black mark on them

  • Does anyone have something good to say about this show?

  • Who’s dick did Scott Buck suck or what pictures of some executive sucking dick does Scott Buck have for him to still be getting showrunner jobs??

    * Final three horrible seasons of *Dexter.*
    * The one uneven season of *Iron Fist.*
    * Now *Inhumans.*

    This guy is radioactive. Why is he still getting work?

  • I really want to like it but it’s just a disaster. I don’t even know why I watch it live when The Exorcist, a extremely better show that has lower ratings, needs a lot of audience for help.

    Disney, we’re grateful you forced ABC to renew AoS but don’t force them on this one. It won’t work.

  • At this point the only way to save face, is to declare “Inhumans” not part of the MCU.

  • Yet they cancelled Agent Carter 😡

  • Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Scott Buck has got to go. Seriously after die hard Marvel fans didn’t care for the IMAX pilot, they should have withdrew it and retooled. Friday is death day for TV. Worse yet is ABC apparently wanted to cancel Agents of Shield while parent Disney likes the synergy. The new split season storyline format of AoS has made it must watch for me.

  • Just when I thought I would never see a bigger trainwreck than Arrow season 4.

  • Has Marvel fired that asshole Scott Buck yet???

  • My what a surprise! /s

  • They need to say this was all a bad dream and relaunch the show as a mix between Guardians of the Galaxy and Game of Thrones.

  • Reading through the comments, I’m feeling quite good about my decision to bail after watching 10 minutes of the first episode.

  • I hope they all had a good time filming in Hawaii! I heard the Ramsey Bolton gets eaten by lockjaw

  • And yet, Agent Carter couldn’t get renewed?

  • series low but to be honest those numbers are quite good considering how shit the show is

  • I struggled to watch the first two episodes, and didn’t remember to pick up the show again since then, until I saw this. The actors did their best with what was given plot-wise – with obvious highlight to Iwan Rheon and surprisingly, Anson Mount – but that can only go so far. The characterization is pretty cheap too. Attilan looks way less impressive than the source material.

  • It is flat out bad all around. Almost to the point that maybe it’s good? Are they trying for a it’s so bad it’s good angle? That is the only thing I can come up with.

  • i don’t hate this show but it’s not very good. it’s completely forgettable. Serinda Swan deserves better.

  • They really altered Karnak to the point of confusion. I thought his power was to find the weak point in all physical things, not- essentially- see the future.

    Didn’t matter anyway, because he lost his power like Medusa did. Scott Buck is really bad at covering up his obvious attempts to bring the budget down. It’s infuriating to see someone like that get away with such blatant maneuvers on a ‘big’ show.

  • So the show is a dead man walking. Oh well.

  • It looks cheap, the storylines are compacted to the point of it being nonsensical and rushed.

    The people who at the very least are the good guys learning their caste system is wrong and hurting society comes off all as unlikable pricks.

    Maximus who is supposed to be the evil guy is actually the hero.

  • Never have I been so disappointed in a show..

  • Max is totally the hero.

    Everything he says makes sense. They really could go to earth and be able to integrate in. Hell if any inhumans could do it, it would be the technologically superior inhumans.

    No one would question it considering.

    The royal family in this series are pompous out of touch privileged idiots. The society is inherently unfair, and designed to piss off everyone who isn’t super lucky.

    Why they don’t just let those who hate their life on the moon live on earth anyway is beyond me. It’s not like with their tech they couldn’t, I don’t know set up a underwater dome city, or live in some random plot of land.

    I feel like some Hawaiian cultural rights group got a hold of the writers of the show and drugged them heavily.

    Why do these surfer dudes have machine guns ready at a moments notice. Are they seriously complaining about the white man right now and acting like they aren’t really some super shady terrorist cell.

    Oh look bargain basement felicity smoke is becoming gal pals with medusa. The apparently tragic queen who seems to have married for power and may admittedly love her husband?

    Cutting off Medusa’s hair could have been neat to sho w she is more than her powers, but she isn’t. She is just Sup er bossy and aggressive and points her gun at people who are clearly worshipping her farts.

    I hate everyone one of the royal family in inhumans.

    Oh max can’t be one of them because terragenesis turned him human. Ok neat. Let him go to earth then if you guys hate him so much.

    Racist elitist entitled snobbish idiots.

  • Watch it still get renewed for season 2

  • I’m honestly just completely fatigued by superhero shit, and this comes from someone that loves comic books.

    I don’t want to watch any more Marvel shows, or movies, or anything. Tired of it.

  • I think it has potential, it’s just gotta get to season two and Marvel have to get a much better writing team behind it

  • I have yet to see it. C’mon … how bad could it be ??

  • Can we get Perry White I here for the other breaking news?

  • What a shocker…….like where do they conduct focus groups? Oh how about we ask those two random people in front of a soda machine.

  • Are they gonna repeat this same article every damn week?

  • Didn’t even know it was on. Feels like they don’t get what makes Marvel great, even though Marvel themselves must be involved. I wonder if Kevin Feige isn’t connected at all.

    Know what I want? A 10 episode Spider-man show, in MCU, while still having movies and being part of The Avengers.

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