Indian 1 and 2 Rupee coins have a thumbs up and peace sign for illiterate people

Indian 1 and 2 Rupee coins have a thumbs up and peace sign for illiterate people

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  • They are not “thumbs up and peace sign for illiterate people”. The signs are called [Mudra]( from classical Indian dance forms. [Here are some of them on Delhi Airport T3](

  • Illiterate people aren’t incapable of recognising symbols.

    They can’t string the symbols/letters/characters into something meaningful.

    Someone who’s illiterate but lives in society would have no problem knowing the coin with the 2 is worth more than the coin with 1.

  • [And you can use some of those thumbs up coins to buy yourself a Thums up.](

  • deleted

  • that’s a low-effort coin. so flat.

  • “That will be $250”

    “Fuck, how many fingers is that?”

  • The numbers “1” and “2” aren’t enough?

  • [ I third your peace ](

  • 👍✌

  • Those seem incredibly easy to forge.

  • they should have gone with the middle finger

  • If you can’t figure what the symbols 1 and 2 mean how will these symbols help?

  • aka, “one finger” and “two fingers”

  • I love how they are called rupees. They should be green gems though.

  • That time when Scooby-Doo called Shaggy a “rupee race”. ROR.

  • Wouldn’t the different sizes suffice?

  • AND it has numbers for people that don’t know sign language!
    So progressive!

  • If 1 is represented by the thumb in India, logically shouldn’t 2 be the thumb and pointer finger?

  • Never been there but a friend who went there said people shit on the street. Could it be true?

  • Even if this were true, should we really be offering pseudo-praise such as this for anything that caters to the illiterate?

  • 99% of Chinese passed the mandatory education requirement.

  • It might be better not to have illiterate people in the country

  • Lame coins

  • India will be a superpower by 2020

  • Super power by 2020

  • Well it is india we’re talking about, most of them can’t read and the ones who do work in call-centers..

  • What a pathetic currency. You need two trillion of those just to get a latte.

  • They better hope none of their purchases are above 3 Rupees

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