• I didn’t believe it when I read your post, but that’s a HAND. That’s a fine detail!

  • This is what this sub should be. Not the dead center point of focus shit that gets posted every day.

  • That’s a lot of commas

  • This is by far the craziest thing I’ve seen on this sub. I’ve watched this movie dozens of times and have never remotely noticed this

  • I’ll be honest this one seems like a bit of a reach. heh heh

  • Also in this scene (and significantly more obvious) the flags change direction with the wind change, implying the Pearl getting a more favorable wind/heading to find the coin.

  • What does the coin do when activated?

  • [The scene in question. For the people doubting the clouds were intentional, you can see them growing and moving unnaturally.](https://youtu.be/nvl83dz06gg)

  • I’ve watched this movie like 20 times and never noticed the cloud hands! It seems so obvious now I can’t believe I missed it. This sub needs more posts like this.

  • Looks like normal clouds to me.

  • r/titlegore

  • The newest Pirates movie was such shit. I need to watch the first one again.

  • How do we know this was intentional?

  • They screwed this series up so much. Seeing this post made me miss watching the first movie for the first time.

  • Some CGI engineer spend hrs on hrs rendering that hand. Feeling all smug about it, how everyone would notice, only to find out that 14 years later, a sub dedicated to movie details, the actual people who care, will notice it.

  • You need an intervention to stop your comma addiction.

  • Cool stuff

  • I’ve never seen the movie. What is the significance of the hand?

  • I don’t think OP understands how to, use commas properly.

  • Probably seen this movie dozens of times, but never noticed this!

  • Great find!

  • Outstanding detail, never noticed it at ALL.

  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • I’m a bot, *bleep*, *bloop*. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

    – [/r/titlegore] [In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, during the scene, when Elizabeth falls into the ocean, activating the coin around her neck, the clouds in the sky form an outstretched, grasping hand coming towards the island.](https://np.reddit.com/r/titlegore/comments/6qkbby/in_pirates_of_the_caribbean_the_curse_of_the/)

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  • Never noticed this before.

  • I don’t think, you used enough, commas in your, title.

    But that is a neat detail.

  • The comma use, in this title, is terrible, and not good at all.

  • This is the best sub I’ve ever subscribed to.

  • You know my biggest problem with this movie?




    When Elizabith gets captured by barbossa’s crew, she threatens to drop the coin she has that they need into the ocean right? Because they were all “bah we don’t need it” so she was testing if they were just lying or not.
    But like… later on in the movie, they’re seen WALKING UNDER THE WATER! What would dropping it have done at all?? I know Elizabeth didn’t know that, but everyone on the ship rushed foreward when she started dropping it! Why? Is walking under-water a hassle or something?

  • Holy shit what’s the sub-Reddit for butchering punctuation or commas

  • /,r,/,title,gore

  • Bro, you, need, to, learn, to, stop, using, so, many, commas, pretty, much, all, of, those, commas, should, be, removed.

  • I don’t get it. Is there some kind of hand God revelaed later in the series? Or is this just “oh the clouds look like fingers”?

  • This reads like Stevie from Malcom in the Middle talks

  • A hand with only four fingers (incl thumb)? I dunno…

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