In “Cars” the canyons are all old cars and hood ornaments.

In “Cars” the canyons are all old cars and hood ornaments.

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  • What the hell is this universe. Like how does any of it work? Are those some sort of crazy Leviathan that once roamed the land?

  • Watch the skies next time, the contrails are actually tire tracks.

  • There’s so many details in those Cars movies.

  • My son would always yell “Apple Car!” at the start of the movie. It took me a few times to notice their was an actual Apple car in that race.

    And it’s car 84, the year Apple introduced the Macintosh.

  • All the humans have already left the planet and are living in the space station seen in Wall E, the cars are just the remnants of super technology left behind, so they formed their own culture based off of their previous squishy creators.

  • If you haven’t, you should check out Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. I hated Cars until I went there. I noticed all these cool little details that made the area so amazingly cool. Then I realized that those details exist in the movie as well. I actually watch the movie now and feel like I’ve been there, which hurts my head a bit since it’s a cartoon…or should I say CARtoon.

    Sorry. I’m leaving now. bye

  • It’s based off of Monument Valley… Except that it’s called Ornament Valley 😉


  • The old gods

  • Huh.

  • This entire movie is little car details. If you’re into cars, especially if you’re into NASCAR, this franchise has a billion little Easter eggs for you. They really did some work on the details.

  • Holy shit, my brother used to watch this all the time and we never noticed!

  • The canyon at California adventures was modeled after this as well. Lots of hidden cars and carparts.

  • Sometimes these movies are as much a children’s movie as they are adult movies, it takes a keen eye to see stuff like this

  • Do they reproduce somehow? How are they created? Is there some kind of manufacture somewhere…is every car “one of a kind”? Do cars go to junk yards when they die?

    Shit, too many questions.

  • OMG I’m amazing rn. Never noticed that! Watched this move 8000 times yet never saw that! Thanks for posting.

  • Mount rushmore

  • So wouldn’t that make the canyons a mount Rushmore of sorts?

  • This comment section:

    “Pixar dropped the ball.”

    “Love this movie, watched it 1000 times.”


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