In 2012, sophomore year in college and in 2016, on graduation day [image]

In 2012, sophomore year in college and in 2016, on graduation day [image]

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  • Congrats! Great achievement.
    Makes for a nice resumΓ© for your son: “having attended college, next I went to kindergarten”

  • Did you get younger?

  • 1) congrats!
    2) because this is reddit- I’m going to share. My son was born when I was 16. His mom took a different path in life, so I got sole custody when he was 2. I went to college and then grad school with him in tow.
    Eventually, we met a wonderful girl and married her.
    Now he’s 22, I’m professionally successful, and our lives couldn’t be better. He and I have a great relationship, and he’s graduating from college himself. I don’t know if this is meant as inspiration or what, but there you go.

    Keep up the great work- I know what I’m talking about, and you’re on the right path.

  • I was pregnant through my studies and studied while having my kids, it’s hard, but to graduate and have my kids there meant the world to me. I felt double as proud.

  • Gave freshman 15 a whole other meaning but all kidding aside, congrats!

  • I’m writing this as I sit here nursing my 3 week old baby, in awe of your accomplishment! I am in my early 30’s, and on mat leave from my job, with nothing else to do but take care of this baby and it’s still the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine trying to get through school at the same time. You should be very proud of yourself! I’m proud of you!

  • Wow! There’s a whole lot of bitterness and vitriol in this thread. My kid’s deadbeat mom got strung out & disappeared when my youngin was six months old. In the time since, I raised her myself and my daughter’s mere existence motivated me to better myself over the years. She recently graduated high school and started out on her own…and is about to start college herself. Some people just don’t get how raising a child evolves you. There’s always the posited conundrum of “knowing what you know now, would you do it differently?” Some things, sure…but having raised a child thru completion, I know I couldn’t make the opposite decision that I did. Aside from the fact that I love my kid too damn much, I wouldn’t be the same person, and I like the person that parenting made me. Now dealing with the whole “empty nest” thing before I have even hit 40, that’s a whole other can o’ worms to unpack. This new chapter is intriguing, to say the least. It’s weird being “me” all the time as opposed to just being “daddy”.

    Also, it’s really shitty that this thread went to the pro/anti abortion thing. That’s just tasteless and uncalled for. This is reddit, however, and it probably was to be expected. Anyone that suggests you should have gone there with your now-4-year-old little dude is a shit person.

    Anyway, congraduations! Let the haters hate. Your son is gonna appreciate what you sacrificed for him and when he makes you proud, you will see (undoubtedly) that this was your intended “path”. You will also come to realize that your son is better off without the parent that left & didn’t give a damn.


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  • Congratulations! I’m doing it with now 7 and 3 year olds! Graduating in march! It can be done!!

  • Congratulations

  • Kinda off-topic, but your hair looks wonderful in the first picture. <3

  • Little guy looks proud of his mom already! Congrats! I’ve known more than a few women in my life who kept pursuing with kids in tow… you deserve every single upvote and positive comment you get.

  • I’m a 24yr old veteran, and I decided to go back to school in 2015 after a 4 year gap. My wife and I had our beautiful baby girl during my second year of college. I defiantly give you my respect. Taking classes and raising a child is a challenge. But being a good parent is the greatest gift of all. Congratz!!!!

  • Good for you. Sorry about all the shit you’re getting in this thread. Way to make the most out of your situation and be confident in your choices.


  • Congratulations, your son has a great role model and is super stylish, I’m sure you’ll both go on to great things!

  • [removed]

  • I did the same and graduated in 2012. I don’t have pics like OP but it felt rewarded and accomplished.

  • I’m happy to see this. My mother had me at 22, which put a damper on her college plans. She finally went back and graduated last year as well. She’s almost 50 now. It’ll play out ma’am. Good job being a mother and also being a role model for that kid.

  • Heyyyy. I had my girl at 17. Put myself through college got my bachelor’s in engineering then my masters. You. Can. Do. It. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Your kid is watching you. Trust me. My daughter is a senior next year and already had secured two different scholarships and one award. I had no clue she was so ambitious. Keep at it!

  • All of these negative comments need to get the fuck out of here. Pro Choice, Pro Life, it doesn’t matter in this context. What OP did is impressive, having a child at a young age and raising him while attending Uni is not easy. Congrats OP you are amazing.

  • One of my teachers got her physics degree and doctorate after she got pregnant on softmore year, without any help from the father and with no help but emotional support from her family (they couldn’t afford any other kind of help). I’m glad you could do it too. Congratulations!

  • The hate this girl is getting is unbelievable. You are an inspiration to many. Keep it up.

  • You go, mama! πŸ‘πŸΌYour kid will aspire to be as great as you.

  • A cousin of mine is a single mom to 3 who just finished her masters. Seeing what she’s gone through, I know what kind of sacrifices you have to make to do something like this. You are one strong woman!

  • Can’t help but wonder what the comments would be like if OP were a guy… Probably hardly anything controversial.

  • As a former single dad I love seeing other single parents killing it out there. Rock on.

  • You are beautiful. Wish you all the best to you and your family in further life. Greets from Serbia πŸ™‚

  • I’m pretty sure the dates are mixed up πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations. I myself am going through my electrical engineering degree whilst pregnant. I am no longer in contact with the father but your post gave me a lot of hope. It is a very lonely and emotional struggle but I hope to to graduate with my son by my side one day ! I have three months till I’m due !

  • And looked fab doing so too, congrats.

  • This picture freaked me out a bit cause your kid looks like me at that age made me do a double take lol

  • Great job! I knew a single mom of 4 that became a JUDGE!!! She went from no education, to a doctorate in law while raising 4 kids on her own! It IS possible!

  • Sort by: controversial. Ahhhh yes thats the good stuff.

  • Congratulations! Such an amazing accomplishment! Please don’t ever let anyone bring you down! You have many more great things to achieve! Keep on being awesome!

  • How old is an sophomore? Serious question, European here.

  • It’s like you aged backwards L O L

  • you’re awesome!

  • Hey I could list off classes we had together!!

  • It’s crazy how apparent it is that you became wiser between those two pictures. I did the same with my kids, except I aged about 10 years. You aged backwards – damn my inferior genes.

  • As someone who saw his mother run pillar to post to study and graduate during my pre-teen years, I just want to say that I’m proud of you.

  • So just had my first child ten months ago. Signed up for my second to last term of school starting this fall going full time. My son will be 14 months old then. He’s pretty high maintenance. Im married and my husband works full time. Worried how homework will get done. I wanted to have a kid because I’m older and went back to school at a later age. Nervous how it will work out. Taking all online, one in person class, but taking stats.

  • Congrats! Next up: Cure cancer. But idiots will still show up to say shitty things. Just ignore them.

  • The amount of negativity in this thread is insane. She accomplished something that was incredibly difficult. I get this is Reddit and trolls will emerge but goddam some of these comments are so shitty , what the fuck is wrong with you people, don’t you have any fucking humanity you worthless dickholes.

  • I did not see a single negative comment. Just read in positive ones that they were there. Looks like the negativity lost to a lot of positivity.
    That said, congrats beautiful OP and kudos adorable son this is no easy feat.

  • Congratulations- to both of you!!!

  • Good on you!

  • Brilliant shit, well done!

  • Beautiful and well done!

  • Aw so sweet congrats you did it!!

  • That’s just an awesome picture. Congratulations

  • Congrats!! And what an adorable little guy!

  • Awwww. This is adorable.

  • Great job and you look beautiful aswell!

  • Congrats OP!!!!

  • Pinoys represent!!!!

    Unless you are not a Pinoy that is… anyway greetings from my new home in malaysia!

  • Nice well done Congratulations.

  • This is so cute. I shed a tear. Congrats!!!

  • Congratulations to the BOTH of you! What U did you go to?

  • No way in hell having a kid helped getting through school.

  • Always love coming to reddit for comedy gold in the comments section.

  • “I helped” lmao

  • I bet you were discouraged from having him because it wouldn’t let you finish school and follow your career, but you proved them all wrong. You’ve probably grown to love him more than anyone else in the world and that’s all that matters. You’ll probably never read this but [here is a song ]( I found recently. I find it’s sound and message beautiful. I think you’d really relate to it.

  • Motivated the hell out of me to not have a kid till im ready

  • Congrats! And still look amazing!😻

  • I was also pregnant the beginning of my sophomore year of college. Always thinking about what it would’ve been like if I went through with it

  • I see you went to Creighton! I go there now. Go Jays!

  • Facebook is leaking again.

  • Damn I’m incredibly jealous you birthed the kid from Stranger Things.


    Oh and congratulations by the way!!! πŸ˜€

  • You are a star. Way to go. Inspiring. I have a 21 month old and am hoping to go back to school for something I love.

  • How about not criticizing OP on whatever choices she may or may have not made, and celebrate the fact that she put in work and bust her butt to get to where she needed to be.

    Good Shit OP…good luck on all your future endeavors.

  • Amazing! Congratulations!

  • Not sure if you’ll read this but congratulations! Things happen and you’re crazy resilient for toughing it through. Plus the way you’re responding to the hate in this comment sections shows how you patient you are. Your kid is lucky to have you! Best of luck in both of your future endeavors!

  • From one Creighton Bluejay to another, congrats on your graduation!

  • He will be really proud and tell this memory to younger siblings

  • Congratulations. As a mature age student who works and studies at the same time, I can only imagine what it’d be like having a kid instead. Though it must’ve been tough, doing the hard work and getting your degree is something that you will be thanking yourself for for the rest of your life.

  • Congrats on your great milestone, achievement and obviously raising your son well!

  • well of course she did it that kid is proof

  • Don’t really understand why so many people are bitter. Congrats OP. I would like to see most of these trying to go through university whilst having a new born.

    If the shoe was on the other foot, etc etc.

  • Congratulations, that’s an awesome effort!

  • I just laughed and said “that’s cute” out loud. I never say the word cute. Great job!

  • Congratulations! You have more drive and a far better future than most of the assholes talking shit here.

  • I think people need to stop acting “poor me” when they have a kid. You made the choice to have it. It kind of puts a perspective that your kid was a burden to overcome in college, and do you think your kid wants to know “Hey, mom thought I was a burden!”

  • Congrats young lady & strong mom!

  • That is one cute child!

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