• I put lipstick on the other day which wasn’t very challenging but as soon as my mum saw me, she said: “Steve, you’ve changed.”

  • “Anything you can do right the first time is a trivial task”

  • Time to fuck that blender.

  • Doesn’t mean it is good. I really am not a fan of these glib motivational soundbytes. On the face of it they sound good, but when you think about them, they are nonsense.

  • This also speaks to the purpose of deliberate practice. Improvement is achieved by incrementally mastering
    what’s just outside your comfort zone.

  • I disagree. A change can happen even if you don’t push yourself to the limit as long as you do it consistently. Small changes are not visible, but they will add up to something much bigger over time.
    However people often avoid doing things outside of their comfort zone even though they don’t like where they are, so this is for them, to realize they need to start challenging themselves to become someone better.

  • That’s what she said.

  • Ya man
    *passes joint

  • Not unlike anal

  • If you were potty trained, you wouldn’t need changing. Enough with the pull-ups.

  • So, the mentally challenged change all the time..

  • Sigh, this is how I feel about my job.

    My co workers are nice, but the job itself is not rewarding at all.

    I feel like a dull blade right now.

  • agreed

  • Perfectly describes my poop this morning

  • B-But… I thought I should accept myself the way I am. Why should I want to change me? I hate challenges!

  • Needed that right now. 🙂

  • True.

  • Seen a few people die from alcohol so I quit. Wasn’t challenged at all.

  • Why is everyone obsessed with “being changed” ?

  • Why change what’s already perfect?

  • Eating to much isn’t hard but you still gain weight. Not getting up from as idling car in a locked garage is easy, but it still kills you. Basically what I’m saying is that this is a stupid and incorrect thing to say.

  • Whatever, suicide isn’t a challenge

  • That’s delicious

  • drug addictions have done both

  • I’ll think about this sentence during my prank call today

  • I went to school, got an s12k with 5 bullets, killed 3 people on sight. Im not afraid to go to school anymore, hell, ill even jump to military base one day.

  • I challenge that

  • I just use quotes like this to justify playing so much Dark Souls.

  • Who says you need changing?

  • This is why I joined cross fit. Though I’m just sore all the time now. 😭😭

  • “Don’t try and change me, baby.”

  • Drugs aren’t hard to take, yet they changed me

  • She*

  • You don’t need to change all the time. It’s ok not to challenge yourself.

  • Heroin.

  • I apply this to dildos

  • Sounds like a Doomfist quote.

  • There isn’t always some sublime meaning behind horrible things. Sometimes it just sucks.

  • This is good to remember. I’m going through a tough time right now, but definitely making changes. Growing pains sick though. 😞

  • What if i challange _it_ first?

  • What if i challange _it_ first?

  • I don’t need changed though.

  • I have an awkward boner right now.

  • Exactly what i needed today.

  • Oh it changed me when i tried linux, i cannot quiet the screaming

  • Really?

  • I’m pretty sure meth will change me regardless of the challenge it presents

  • When poop is so hard I struggle to push it out, it changes the way I eat for a while.

  • I spent too long in the graphic arts… My reaction to the quote was that the apostrophes were incorrect.

  • There was a joke here, but it wasn’t funny.

  • If it’s not close, it’s far

  • All about taking risks and stepping out of ur comfort zone!

  • Cheating on my husband is pretty challenging

  • Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron,
    so a friend sharpens a friend.

    Workout with a friend, they can help keep you accountable.

    if you have no friends talk to someone at the gym, you’ll make friends.

  • This is posted at a gym I go to and I think it is a really good fit for the room. It motivates me to keep going and reminds me I am changing the shape of my body.

  • /u/waterguy12

  • Real original

  • I don’t want challenge, I don’t like change.

  • This is garbage.

  • I just want to be left alone

  • “It’s not about how hard you get hit, it’s about how much you can take and still get back up”

  • Change isn’t always for the better. Often, it isn’t.

  • You should change from using dumb quotation marks

  • Wow!

  • Why do we want to change?

  • This is a good quote, especially for me right now. Thanks for this!

  • What is it then

  • I needed this one! This is great! Thanks.

  • Damn I guess cocaine won’t actually change me, time to get on it!

  • Similar: “If the path ahead of you is clear, you are probably on someone else’s”.

  • Yep. The only way a challenge will change you, is if You-As-You-Are can’t do it.

  • I’ve learned this with Fitness recently, for years I have worked out just enough to get a light sweat. This had given be decent definition but no size or true gains. Last week I have started working out and sweating much harder and I already see a MASSIVE difference in soreness, strength, etc.

    Push yourself!

  • I ate 60 hotdogs. It changed me…

  • This is so freaking true!

  • But I don’t want to change thanks! 🤗

  • One up for your title.

  • The caption is a little weird don’t you think?

  • It needs more jpeg

  • Why is it so hard to over come

  • Can confirm, Dark Souls and Bloodborne literally changed my life.

  • I feel more and more like this is something true.

    I finished my science degree and moved to another country to find a job only to soon afterwards become ill – long story short I was diagnosed with chronic pain (fibromyalgia), thyroid disease, sleep apnea (thanks to the drugs), and ADD which was missed by doctors as a kid.

    Anyway, a long list of “screw you” – the life I thought I was going to have is gone: I was told mourning it is part of the process when dealing with chronic pain. The further into this Hellish journey I get I more I’ve come to believe that perhaps the person it’s helping me become is a better person.

    I need to believe there’s some good that can come from all this bad – well hopefully there will be.

    This became a diatribe, hope it can help someone believe in something positive when all there’s been is a lot of negativity.

  • Tell that to a plastic surgeon.

  • Muscles…

  • Why I do r/nofap challenge.

  • I can eat lots of candy and be the same?

  • I saw this quote on the Net before.It’s really powerful quote

  • I knew a kid who got hit by a car and couldn’t walk after that, it wasnt too challenging to get hit by a car, it probably was more challenging to get away from the car at the time, but he was pretty damn changed-er-ized

  • well…. what if i do easy shit and get lazy? that’s a change.

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