I’m usually not a cosplay guy but this one is amazing. Vlada Lutsak as Asari.

I’m usually not a cosplay guy but this one is amazing. Vlada Lutsak as Asari.

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  • Asari cosplay by Vlada Lutsak (Tniwe) @ Starcon 2017 (Saint Petersburg)


    * [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/tniwe)
    * [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/tniwe/)
    * [DeviantArt](https://tniwe.deviantart.com/)
    * [Twitter](https://twitter.com/tniwe)

    x-post r/cosplaygirls

    Copy paste from thunder165 I think was his name

    EDIT: only the instagram one has any more asari pics that i can find

  • I always upvote Asari.

  • “I’m not usually a cosplay guy, but this one is amazing… look at that tit window.”

  • I’m commander Shepard and this is my favorite piece of ass in the citadel

  • Damn – how the hell does that headpiece work??

  • We’ll bang ok

  • “I’m usually not a cosplay guy but this girl is dressed as an alien that I wanted to fuck from a game I like”

  • Glad it’s not a guy cosplaying Peebee.

  • Anyone else actually not focused on the ass or breasts and actually amazed at her head. She could do the make up for a mass effect movie if they wanted to make one. No cgi bollocks.

  • /r/cosplay

  • Comments are cringe. Why is this is this sub?

  • “I’m commander Shepard and this is my favorite cosplay on the Citadel.” -FemShepard^( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I’m not into cosplay but I thought this was amazing translation I masturbate to some weird stuff.

  • Anything with boobs is amazing

  • Yeah I’m gonna need someone see more of this cosplay for..uh…research.

  • Assless chaps. Of course.

  • Honestly, this cosplay didn’t even need the tits.

  • This may be my proudest fap

  • From a cosplay photographer thats really cool!!!

  • meh

  • Amazing

  • /r/cosplay

  • need moretits

  • r/neckbeards in the comments.

    Regardless, that costume is fucking incredible! The makeup and head… Tails (?) are awesome. How did she do them?

  • Complete with big tits hanging out. Nice!!

  • Sploosh

  • All that time and effort to cosplay – can’t find anyone to take your picture.

  • God I wish Asari were real.

  • Looks like she is in the bathroom.


  • I’m usually not a cosplay guy, but for some reason I’m drawn to this…

  • if i see cleavage, i upvote.

  • That’s awesome

  • Ass Effect

  • She, has boobs!

  • We’ll bang ok?

  • Dat ass effect

  • Cosplay guy?!

  • Yea bro were all not into cosplay until of course a hot one with nice assets come walking through the door.

  • Gon’ plop my non existent ass on the bathroom sink to make these loin chops look like chicken fillets babyyyy.

  • TIL I’d bang an alien. Neat.

  • Im not usually a cosplay guy, but I can post it on r/gaming and people will upvote it even though it barely has anything to do with gaming and there are better cosplay subs for it

  • oh nice. Hi I am Orion.

  • Damn

  • I hate ME but i love Asari.

  • I’d panspermia all over that.

  • for more than one reason

  • At 1st I did not like it…Then I saw the boob window and knew it was good cosplay….

  • [removed]

  • Booty

  • Maybe it’s because this vlada person is an absolute babe!!!

  • Well call me Shepard and help me save the galaxy for the reapers already shoot. That is one sexy ass alien lol. Lets hope that first contact involves a sexy race of aliens females that need mankind to reproduce their population. Ill take one for the team!!!!

  • tits ! yeah fuckin tits! whoooo!

  • My penis feels funny

  • Cosplay is gay and you are gay for liking it

  • She would be getting as much upvote without the tits guys.

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