I’m Steve Brown, real estate editor of The Dallas Morning News. I tell you who’s building what, where and why....

Hi, I’m Steve Brown, the real estate editor of The Dallas Morning News. I’ve covered the beat in North Texas since 1980, following the fall and meteoric rise of one of the most vibrant housing markets in the country.

I’m also the 2017 chair of the National Association of Real Estate Editors, who met a few weeks ago for our annual conference in Las Vegas. Ask me anything!

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  • Hey! Love all the vintage Fortune covers… we’ve got [a few of those floating around our office](http://imgur.com/a/Udn2P) (Fortune is a sister brand at Time Inc).

    How has the housing market changed in North Texas since you published [this article](https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2015/09/29/north-texas-housing-market-is-hot-but-analysts-say-its-no-bubble) in 2015?

  • How many avocado toasts will an average single family home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area cost me?

  • GM MR. Brown, I am looking to buy a house Q1 2018 under 300k. Preferably a new home, areas east of US75. What areas do you recommend or see good potential in?

  • Prices raised considerably after 2008, specially in places like Canada. Are we about to see yet another bubble burst?

  • Hello, Steve, and thanks for doing this. I know it’s not Dallas, but we live at Lake Texoma, and I’ve been very excited to see a “younger crowd” buying rundown places here and fixing them up. Do you see more Dallasites starting to buy investment and vacation properties again?

  • Who is your favorite retail reporter in Dallas?

  • What do you think will happen with interest rates? Also, do you think loan requirements will loosen? I worry about the average Debt to Income ratio and credit profiles of many Texans.

  • Do you think the Katy Trail can/will handle another trail side restaurant like the icehouse in the future?

  • How do think Downtown Dallas will change within the next five years? Do you expect the surface parking lots to start being built on at a large scale?

    edit: forgot to mention that your articles are such a good resource for people like myself who love keeping up with new developments in Dallas. Thanks for being a great reporter!

  • Good morning Mr. Brown, what market in California do you see as being the most beneficial to new real estate persons coming up in the near future? Thank you and have a great day!

  • Yeti coffee cup on the right?

  • What is the very best cheese?

  • Hi Steve! What does your day-to-day actually look like? And how has it changed with the real estate market in TX? AND where in the country would you suggest moving to if you’re making a smart real estate decision? Thanks!

  • I’m in central Texas. Why is the housing costs here so much more than dallas/Houston area?
    Currently paying 1k a month for 1 bed 1 bath an apartment (may be outside your area) but some in Houston cost that much for 2bed2bath.

  • What are the up and coming neighborhoods where you can still get a deal in Dallas? Asking for a friend.

  • Hi Steve. What were your deciding factors in choosing the place you live now? Favorite person you’ve interviewed? Thanks!

  • What parts of Tarrant County are considered real estate hot spots for homebuyers? And another question what kind of property tax reform would you like to see from the Legislature?

  • When do you expect home prices to cool off? Do you believe more supply will be on the market this time next year?

  • What suggestions would you have for a for a first time homebuyer in Collin County?

  • So I’m currently looking for a house in the Dallas market. I keep getting told that the market will cool down soon because all the new housing being built will catch up with the market. What are your thoughts? Wait or get in now?

  • Hi! I have been seeing so much construction along the Fitzhugh on the east side of 75. Do you think any revitalization will occur on the west side? I live there and love the neighborhood, but it’s strange to me that you have the West Village on one end, the Knox area on the other, and that stretch of Fitzhugh just seems to be lacking.

  • If you didn’t cover real estate in Dallas, what other city would you want to cover and why?

  • What would be a red flag that I need to sell a home that I own immediately?

  • How do you think the new midtown project will affect the surrounding areas?

  • Growth northward along the Dallas N Tollway / Preston corridor far exceeds the distance of growth in any other direction. How far are commuters willing to go in this direction? Do you foresee a “balancing” where growth in other directions from Dallas catches up?

  • What about Fate, in Rockwall County? do you recommend buying a new home there?

  • Hi Steve! Recently moved out of the DFW area but intend on coming back in the next 2 years. What areas do you predict will be good for first time homeowners? (Preferably older areas of town that are expected to revamp).

  • Hi Steve. Lease in Lakewood is up in April. Wanting to buy in M Streets, Lakewood, or Hollywood Heights. Is it worth waiting a year to buy? Any areas with a similar feel with a better bang for your buck? Trying to stay under $375,000.

  • How many apartments is too many apartments?

  • What is your favorite neighborhood or street in Dallas?

  • What are your thoughts on tech companies entering the real estate market (i.e. OpenDoor)?

  • What do you think is the future of victory park? There has been so much investment in that area, but I walked around there the other evening when no events were happening at the AAC and it was a ghost town.

  • Over the next 10 years do you see more possible appreciation in frisco or east dallas?

  • What’s the latest with the dispute of 345 being torn down or repaired? What do you think they should do?

  • Do you think Prosper will be the new Frisco?

  • Any tips for buying a house in the M streets?

  • Thank you for answering all of my questions! I love reading up on all the developments around DFW. What type of continued development do you see in the design district?

  • What got you into becoming a real estate editor?

  • How did you get into real estate reporting?

  • Do you think city place will ever build the second tower across 75? I really like mutts so I hope they don’t!

  • What’s the best style of home to buy to best display my katana swords on the wall?

  • Hi there, thanks for your service. Can you tell me, from your experience, what is the meaning of life?

  • What time frame would you expect for gentrification in South Dallas within areas walking distance to the DART? I just imagine the highways being bogged down with cars that there will be a surge to live close to a rail station.

    With the huge amount of apartments being completed, will there be a noticeable decrease in apartment prices locally? I wouldn’t be surprised if owners keep some apartments vacant instead of dropping the rents to improve their occupancy.

    Will Frisco compete with downtown Dallas for big name companies? I could see the $5B mile becoming the new downtown with large upscale office buildings. There will be so much talent in that area and the commutes are getting worse. At some point some of those downtown offices may be better served in Frisco.

  • Can you explain to me what real estate wholesaling is?

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