I’m liking Netflix less and less. First? King of the Hill. Then? Bob’s Burgers. Now? Futurama.

I’m liking Netflix less and less. First? King of the Hill. Then? Bob’s Burgers. Now? Futurama.

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  • Fox is part owner of Hulu. It’s not Netflix dropping shows, it’s Fox pulling them.

  • When will studios and companies realize that if they keep separating content they will lose money.

    Oh you took all your content and put it on your own streaming sites, oh i have to spend even more money than i did before to watch your stuff…

    [OOOOOOh, what will i ever doooo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A19q7rysLs)

  • I’ll make my own Netflix. with hookers.

  • Fururama is like 90% of my Netflix use. Fuck you fox. Even more then usual

  • First was South Park!!!

  • The Office will be gone in September

  • And Scrubs!

  • For real? I have been watching this show for the first time and I like it. Do I need to fly through all the seasons?

  • You could switch to Hulu and get reruns with commercials or just download the series and be good forever.

  • Do people seem to think that Netflix’s reduction in content has nothing to do with other companies but Netflix?

    Companies own the rights to several of the TV shows that Netflix airs. It shouldn’t be surprising that some shows come/go

  • Also American Dad. I think they still have the first 4 seasons for now though.

  • So pretty soon Netflix is just gonna be just Disney, B-movies, and old NBC shows?

  • I was sad when battlestar galactica left.

  • It will be always on my HDD.

  • pff.. Netflix in Finland never had Futurama. Actually it doesn’t have anything good…

  • I wanted to downvote out of anger but I upvoted for exposure

  • Courage the Cowardly dog isn’t on there anymore 🙁

  • Futurama was never on Netflix for me 🙁

  • Be happy that you ever had those shows. Totally different shows in the UK.

  • They took Southpark a few years ago:( never felt the same about Netflix since.


  • Im going to jump off a building. Ill do a flip in Benders honor.

  • I finally got Hulu a few days ago. I don’t feel like it’s the end-all-be-all of streaming services, but I sure as hell haven’t had to dig for ages to find something worth watching the way it seems to have been on Netflix over the last year.

  • That’s a fender-bender!

  • Pirate Bay problem solved….. For me anyway. Not for everyone I understand. Or try finding dvds in goodwill /charity shops and rip them to your PC.

    Not as convenient but the truth is licencing deals run out. Annoying.

  • Fuck you America. I went to watch Futurama last night on Netflix because of all this who-har I’ve seen on Reddit and it wasn’t there. The U.K. Has different content and it sucks balls.

  • Welcome to UK Netflix

  • K




  • Welcome to emea

  • It hasn’t been on Netflix Australia at all.

  • They probably realized that these were most often the shows watched by users mooching off their parents account.

  • Blame fox.

  • The problem is networks no longer see Netflix as another revenue source, they see them as competition to their own streaming services.

    So they are pulling content.

  • I fine with it, because they’ve only had the new seasons of futurama on Netflix Canada for awhile now, which I can’t rewatch like the old episodes/movies.

  • As long as they keep Rick and Morty on it’s all good!

  • They also used to have South Park and workaholics. Let that sink in for a sec.

  • I called this years ago.

    Netflix had everything because who cared about the streaming rights? It was bonus money for the rights owners. Then streaming has become more and more popular and Netflix is now a major competitor. The prices have gone up on streaming rights and at the same time distributors don’t want to give one of their competitors the rights at all if they can run it on their own service.

    Some people either don’t want to run their own service or don’t mind partnering with another company which is why you see a big boom in Disney/ABC content now.

  • Netflix seems to really be filling up and pushing their own productions to the top. Having a little harder time watching it myself these days, but i rarely use HULU either. I spend a lot of time watching on demand movies and series on HBO and Showtime through Sling. Honestly, i don’t have time for anything.

  • Losing Bob has crushed me. I just discovered it recently and I am too busy to binge watch. It was one of my few pleasures to sneak an episode during lunch on my busy days.

  • I mean, haven’t we all seen it like 6 times?

  • What?!? There taking futurama from netflix?

  • Not to mention they stopped showing House MD too…biggest crime of all IMHO

  • It’s only seasons 1-5

  • Lets not forget samurai champloo

  • I know we’re going with animated shows… But let’s not forget Psych

  • First two are trash, but Futurama is good.

  • NO! I have seen futurama like 8 times over and when ever I’m bored I watch it, I’m going to die

  • Also American Dad has been wiped down to only season four for what I can only imagine is related crap.

  • King of the Hill is the real victim I tell you what. Nowhere to watch it cept kisscartoon. Yup. Kisscartoon.

  • Meanwhile, in Mexico they’re filling the service with fucking drug lords soap operas. WTF.

  • I was so pissed when they pulled Xena, I was just getting ready to watch it, they also took off buffy and angel. Netflix has a good lineup still but it’s pulling a lot of great things off.

  • Man I missed watching King Of The Hill after school on netflix in the background while playing minecraft or league of legends.

  • Hulu just feels greasy to me. I don’t like the thought of giving money to Fox so they can continue their war against reality.

  • This made me sick

  • Blame Fox not Netflix

  • i find myself watching Amazon Prime more than anything else.

  • That only makes us pirate more or watch less. Nobody is canceling netflix because of it. So it’s a win-win for netflix and the studios. And a loss for everyone else

  • “torrents”

  • Wait what?? I’m only up to season 4!!

  • First South Park, then Spongebob, THEN the title.

  • I don’t get why people like bobs burgers, Its such a bad show imho

  • Netflix in my country hasn’t even had Futurama in the first place. It can only get better.

  • The last air bender got me a long time ago.

  • I actually cancelled my netflix a little while ago. Too much garbage to sift through and not enough actual good stuff. Turned out great, started researching things I actually wanted to watch rather than shit netflix pulls out of the garbage and just used Amazon. Watch way less tv too.

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