If you’re afraid that Arabs will react violently to the Jerusalem capital recognition, then you’ve just proven why the travel ban is necessary.

If you are one of these people that are so afraid of Arabs and Muslims reacting with violence, then you are giving them what they want. Is it becoming clear now? Muslims use violence to get what they want, it’s always been this way. When you are worried about violence from “The Religion of Peace” you might want to take a step back and reevaluate the facts.

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  • “They aren’t violent people you bigot! “…..”omg please don’t upset them….”

  • Why do we as a society all the sudden subscribe to a mentality that if someone threatens violence we automatically do what they say?
    Stand the fuck up. Freedom isn’t free. Being held hostage by savages is not a way to go about things.
    If they want to go all ‘Durka Durka Obamma Jihad’ for this, that’s fine, let them stand up so the reapers can knock them down.
    You stop monsters with monsters, not hugs.

  • “We can’t do X because group Y will react violently” is a formula which can never be justified because embedded in the formula is implicit negotiation with terrorists.

  • Hahahah!

  • I wonder how the immortal GEOTUS will top this. I was very young during the Reagan years, but I never recall this much moral courage in any political event in my life.

  • [deleted]

  • I heard people on the radio carefully say this is a bad idea because, it may upset some people of the religion of peace.

  • It’s amazing there’s 1400 years history of Islamic terror to prove this and people still don’t get it.

  • They will react violently….but I’ve always known they were stone cold killers. I say “Bring the rain!”

  • Check this out from [The Guardian](http://archive.is/yIJtk):

    > “This news makes me want to explode,” said his customer Abu Assad

    Seriously, they actually published that???

  • Fuck Palestine

  • 3000 years. 1600 years longer than Islam has even existed. That’s how long the capital city of the Jewish people has been Jerusalem. The anti-semites on the left have much more in common with NAZIs and Alt-Right white nationalists than any of us do.

  • you make them violent by not giving them what they want it’s aaall your faaault REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • It’s the entire purpose of the move “We will not bend the knee to violence and barbarism”
    Besides after Israel was attacked they took the city and gave those other countries their land back. Rest of the world can get fucked that city is Israel’s to do as they please.

  • Don’t call violent people violent or they may be violent toward you… I feel like I live on the craziest planet in the Universe sometimes. No wonder aliens don’t make contact with us.

  • How can they react violently if they are already actively violent

  • #Ask ANY PLO supporter:

    #How come Jordan and Egypt didn’t give any land to Palestinians when they occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank???


  • I say it again, Obama is an agent of Islam, radicalized at a young age. His goal was clearly to usher in a massive demographic shifting Islamic power grab

  • One way travel ban only, please.

    Keep travel open for them to go out.

  • 3 days of rage? How about a lifetime of rage. Rage is all they know and it’s time we deal with the rage. I’ve never heard of 3 days of love.

  • The left won’t admit that Arabs/Muslims openly admit to hating Jews and that they don’t accept Israel’s right to exist period. They simply lie.

  • Abu Dis is the the new capital of Palestine

  • Poland has a lot of tanks.

    I suggest they keep it that way for when they inevitably have to save Europe from Islam.

  • This would make a good guy pressing two buttons meme

  • The timing is interesting though, embassy transfer immediately after the full travel ban is accepted by the supreme court

  • Stop saying Muslims as violent people, they’ll kill you for saying that.

  • “If I dont clean the house for him, it will provoke him to beat me”

    This is the logic. This is healthy brain function according to them. This is the state of liberalism, 100% at odds with reality and common sense. It’s unhealthy for the mind and soul imo.

    The person in my example… what is the best course of action for them? It’s obvious to anyone with the habit of thought.

  • That is deep. Mind blown. 🙂

  • I always enjoy it when I see posts about how “They are coming to kill us!” [I hope they realize this one thing about us](https://imgur.com/a/bYtfx)

  • 4D chess

  • This is why assimilation is important. Without the travel ban, the Muslims from these middle Eastern countries could be going around following Linda Sarsour’s anti-Semitic tirades.

    That was also why the video of the Muslim smashing the statue of Mary GEOTUS retweeted was important. It shows that these people have not assimilated and would tear down our country if given the chance.

  • The funny part is that France took so many muslims that they are afraid of mass riots now, and will most likely get them. lolfrance.

  • Oh the “Palestinians” (no such people, no such place) will get violent? What else is new? Will Ahmed go out back and kick his girlfriend till she goes “baaaa”–be careful Ahmed, that sheep gives good wool. Fuck them.

  • The apologists tripping over themselves on this issue should fucking move to Iran.


  • start a jihad you fucksticks…i DARE YOU! I double dare you! you will bombed into a submission fire pit of hell even more than you are now.

    DO IT! you fucking cowards

  • For real, its going to be ridiculous when the media blames upcoming terrorist attacks on trump instead of examining why they are the way that they are.

  • Of course, one could prefer to not have them come here AND to not get involved in their problems over there. That would be consistent.

  • Interesting the timing of those two events.

  • My main question here is, why is it up anyone else (other countries) to determine another countries capitol city? Should we let everyone vote? I don’t understand.

  • Maybe that’s why they waited until today to do it.

  • They don’t even know what to be mad about anymore. It’s just like


  • That’s logic. they don’t use it on the news

  • Wait a minute, I thought we were the Nazis, why are we celebrating this amazing gesture towards Israel?

  • This, I suspect, is the reason the announcement came AFTER all of the trial period with the travel ban (waiting for challenges and then subsequently for the BTFO from supreme court). The shit is chess, not checkers.

  • If they get violent it proves they don’t want peace.

  • Also…. Like a bunch if european embassys and consulates are already there.. Sooo.. Like.. Why does this matter? LOL

  • But the left use violence to get what they want. That’s why they think this way. They think if we give them what they want, there won’t be any violence. But that’s not true. The left have been given what they wanted for years, and are more violent now than ever. Muslims are the same.

  • Its just part & parcel of re-locating your embassy to the state capitol of Israel.

  • But let’s keep letting these people, who don’t share our values, into our country.

  • Liberals shit on Christians and Jews ALL FUCKING DAY, EVERY DAY, And not ONE of those goes out and murders people because of it, And yet they say if we don’t bow to the will of Islam, They will peacefully self detonate and kill everyone? Really puts stuff in perspective!

  • This incident is just proving that the term “extremist” applies to most Muslims. We may have stumbled upon the first appropriate blanket statement.

  • Used this response on FB today.

    **Libtard Response:**

    “Poking a bear with a stick doesn’t prove how dangerous the bear is; it proves what a fucking idiot the dude with the stick is”

    **My response:**
    I was always told bears were peaceful…**going to grab my stick**

  • 4d chess

  • Is it worth the American lives lost to prove that point?

    Let’s kick the Muslims out, then trash them

    FDR wasn’t crazy for putting japs into camps (though, I just learned about EO 6102 and Bretton Woods today.. that guy was an asshole)

  • Does this mean we took back jerasalem? I was expecting more chainmail and trebuchets.

  • So uhh… when is Jesus coming back?

  • this wins the post of the day for me!!
    its amazing that people can say muslims are peaceful, while also claiming they will become violent if we say “radical islam” or declare jerusalem the capital of israel!!

    trump is giving muslims the chance to show how peaceful and reasonable they can be by making this move. what the muslims now do, is up to them!

  • When did we start negotiating with terrorists? Terrorists threatening isreal doesn’t mean we’re supposed to give in to every demand terrorists have in hopes they will murder less than they do now

  • For the sake of argument let’s say that we understand declaring Jerusalem the Jewish capital is inherently an emotional topic based in centuries of theological strife.

    In that sense is it not like yelling FIRE!! in a movie theater and then blaming those idiots for believing you?

    But whatever, if people want to kill us, then theyre going to find a way; guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  • If the travel ban was based on actually making us safer then why was Saudi Arabia not on the list? Saudi Arabia spawned bin laden and virtuality almost all of the 9/11 hijackers. It’s all a charade

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