If Microsoft Could Not Put Social Issues / Justice BS on My Computer by Default, That Would be Fantastic

If Microsoft Could Not Put Social Issues / Justice BS on My Computer by Default, That Would be Fantastic

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  • Can’t you disable it?

  • It looks like all the 2% Linux users are commenting on this post.

  • There are far more women in college right now than men, and there is literally nothing (but themselves) stopping them from getting a STEM degree.

  • That you assume a fact is an agenda speaks more to your politics than Microsoft’s…

  • How do you get these? I want these.

  • Most women don’t like STEM, so? Women can do whatever they want.

  • Jesus that’s some bullshit.

    When will I see ‘90% of workplace deaths are men’ on my cute home screen of a squirrel?

  • This was pissing me off a while back so I grabbed [Spotbright](https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/spotbright/9nblggh5km22). Pictures without the “fun” facts.

  • A female coworker of mine was actually bothered by this one. We’re programmers and she’s very aware of the fact that very few females in the field. She doesn’t have a degree herself, so this might be a sensitive issue. She was upset that Microsoft had enough data on her to target her like this, and that they would use the fact that she was a female developer to advertise to her. She did calm down a little after she saw it on a male coworker’s PC too.

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  • So funny conservatives call people crybabies and snowflakes then get outraged over petty stuff like this. Happy holidays bro.

    I can only imagine how tough it must feel living in a world that actually wants to continue the millennia of progress we have all shared as living beings when all you want is to go back to 1982 when no one cared how many women were scientists.

  • Yeah, if you other people could stop creating social issues on my planet, that would be great.

  • Oh no, a fact has appeared on my screen. Get it away, get it away, get it away!

  • How about only the 1 in 2,000,000 million chance to be an astronaut. Proof that a computer can tell you the odds, but if we’d measured every attempt, we never would have left the cave and wouldn’t have the handy computer to tell us the odds.

    In that way, we can choose how we and our children live their lives, probably if we are meant to fulfill the dreams of those before us, we should take care to [dream a little bigger.]


  • You know how this could be scarier? MS figuring out your politics from Bing searches, then delivering ‘fun facts’ which align with your views…

  • It comes from their motto: “Where do you think **you’re** going today? “

  • Some serious snowflake mentality you got there OP.

  • …World’s tiniest violin

  • The very fact that you can’t change your login shell on Windows is disturbing to me, coming from a linux background.

  • I have the internet. I don’t need this.

  • It’s just news. If you are uncomfortable reading about reality, you should just turn off Windows Spotlight.

  • Ive never seen these ads, thanks God. but is the content really what bothers you?

  • AMAZING FACT: Microsoft owns 100% of all Windows 10 computers, even if their hardware owners think otherwise!

  • That’s like having selected rightwing media for the news app on my iphone yet the news app in the lockscreen still sends me left wing media news.

  • What’s up with those pumpkins

  • You don’t believe that most women don’t graduate with STEM degrees? I assume since you think it’s a social BS issue, you are the type that thinks too many women get pointless liberal arts degrees, which this statement actually acknowledges.

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