IamA Video Game journalist knowing the ins and outs of the industry, both in journalism and video game development. AMA!

Hi Reddit,
I have spent the last years of my live producing videos and writing content about video games, from reviews to in depth articles and have traveled the world doing so.

So ask me anything about the works of the video game industry, video game journalism and everything surrounding it and I would love to answer anything you throw at me.

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/lgSsFN9.jpg

I hope this suffices, I’ve done my best to provide proof without using my name or easily traceable back to me.

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  • Are journalists still in bed with devs? Without the early access to games, losing clicks, why wouldn’t a games review be favorable to the dev?

  • What is keeping rival consoles from opening up and having true cross platform play? It seems Microsoft is on board but what is holding Sony back? Nintendo even.

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  • How do feel about the rise of loot boxes and how effects the industry?

  • What, do you think, is causing some journalists to land a job reviewing a game but completely botched it? From the famous Polygon’s DOOM video and the latest Cuphead tutorial video, how can these happens? Furthermore, how can the video is greenlit for upload in YouTube?

  • How did you get into game journalism? What attracted you to the area?

  • I’ve always been a casual gamer, but used to buy the occasional gaming magazine to keep up to date on what’s new. I never felt that the hardcore gaming community was beyond me. Hardcore gamers and casuals were cut from the same cloth, we all played games for fun. Picked up a gaming mag this year and it could have been written in german, it felt completely foreign to me. Hardcore gaming seems to have gotten far beyond something that’s just fun. Do you feel the gap between hardcore gaming and casual gaming is getting bigger? And what implications are there for the industry in the future if that is true?

  • What do you think of CD Projekt Red? Are they the saints of gaming that most gamers proclaim them to be? Granted The Witcher 3 was a masterpiece, but there has been some recent controversy regarding how they treat their employees. What is your take?

  • Hello. Has the target audience changed? Who plays the games and what for? Game genres. Have some died out? Or do they even “exist”, i.e. genres are just artificial divisions, marketing ploys – people really play everything well made and don’t care about labels.

    Where do you think game are evolving? Are they getting dumber? Is there lack of innovation in the industry, a lot of cliche and self copying?

    I feel there are a lot young inexperienced folks wanting to get into the industry and that has resulted in abysmal working conditions in a lot of companies. Do you agree with this opinion?

    Is there growth in the market? How many people play games? What about revenues and profits?

    Do you believe in VR revolution? Is it just a gimmick or a real driving force for the whole industry?

    Are there any golden principles of game development? Like a list of things you need to make a good game.

  • Do you think there ought to be a “Journalism Simulator” game on VR? How might that experience go?

  • Hi there!
    Im currently a final year high school student and have a dead end retail job, and my dream is to be involved in the video game industry!
    What would you suggest to me to help me get a head start in the industry to have the best chance possible?


  • What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever intentionally done to someone?

  • What’s your take on Nintendo’s handheld console strategy?

    I’ve noticed, over the years, that Nintendo will make a handheld console, then remake it a year or two later and resell it for a marked up price, and a lot of people end up paying for multiple versions of the same system. Gameboy had the Pocket and the Color; Advance had the SP and the Micro; DS had the Lite, the DSi, the DSi XL; The 3DS had the XL, the 2DS, the “New 3DS”, the “New 3DS XL”, and the “New 2DS XL”.

  • Hi! I work in cable news, but I’ve been thinking about making the switch to tech and games.

    Could I pick your brain about the best way to break into the field?

  • What is causing the rift between game journalists and gamers? In today’s age there are so many instances of of one group dismissing the other for any number of reasons.

  • If you’re still around!

    How does one become a narrative designer? I am working on my third novel and setting up a combined podcast/YouTube channel.

    Do I just keep going and hope to be noticed? Do I pester people for the position?

  • How soon do you think it will be until pubg is on ps4?

    Any rumors on holiday deals?

  • Hey!

    I’m a college student that is about to graduate with a bachelors in Marketing

    I’ve always dreamed to work at a video game company! How do you suggest I go about getting my foot through the door? I don’t have a lot of experience, and am willing to intern for free! But sadly not many have positions like that for marketing.

  • What drives games journalists (as a whole) to attack their core audience once their behavior or credentials are called out, a la “gamers are dead articles” and a lot of the twitter fallout from that horrific Cuphead review?

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