IamA Technology Consultant In Miami, FL AMA!

**My short bio:** Tyson Edou Civil Technology Consultant for small businesses, start-ups, individuals, and fellow web agencies — all over the world. We are committed to deliver the expertise and services you need to anticipate your market and deploy innovative, advanced services that drive revenue and profitability.

**My Proof:** https://tysonedoucivil.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/hi-reddit/

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  • Do you enjoy your job?

  • Has anyone ever told you; you look like Ben Carson?

  • As someone who works in the tech services industry, why is your website hosted on wordpress.com?

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  • Is PHP worth learning 2017?

  • I’m an Industrial Engineer major about to graduate looking into the tech consulting industry, how would you suggest I go about entering this field?
    Interestingly enough I am from Miami, Fl and looking to stay after college.

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