IamA particle physicist working on discovering new particles in the CERN lab in Geneva. I am also a practicing Catholic and Dean of a private university. AMA!

**My short bio:** Aaron Dominguez is the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and ordinary professor of physics at The Catholic University of America. His main area of research is in using particle colliders to search for new physics, including the recently discovered Higgs boson. His area of expertise is in instrumentation—designing, building and using silicon charged particle trackers as precision tools to reconstruct the complicated interactions taking place in these collisions.
He received his undergraduate degrees from Whitman College and Caltech, his Ph.D. in physics from UC San Diego and was a postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In 2005, he was the recipient of the NSF CAREER award. He has played numerous leadership positions in the L3, CDF and CMS experiments. Specifically, he is currently deputy project leader for the upgrades of CMS, and is the principal investigator of an NSF project that is funding the US efforts of nine universities to improve the silicon pixel detector, hadron calorimeter and trigger in preparation for high luminosity runs of the LHC in coming years. He has mentored seven postdoctoral researchers, three graduate students to completion, three currently in progress, and numerous undergraduates. He sits on several advisory boards, including QuarkNet, and is the author of more than 900 papers in experimental high energy physics and instrumentation.

**My Proof:** http://communications.catholic.edu/news/2016/president-garvey-appoints-new-dean-of-arts-and-sciences.html


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