IamA makers of Nex Machina, Housemarque here with Eugene Jarvis. AUA!

We here at Housemarque just released an arcade twin-stick shooter called Nex Machina (PS4, PC).
**PS4:** https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/nex-machina-ps4/
**Steam:** http://store.steampowered.com/app/404540/

This game was made in cooperation with a man that we’ve always been fans of, Eugene Jarvis (Defender, Robotron, Smash TV)

It’s a really hard game that takes a lot of influences from the early arcade games (like Robotron).

Our journey was also filmed into a documentary movie (Name of the Game) that should be coming out later.

Ask Us Anything!

We will be answering with the following accounts:
u/HousemarqueTeam – Harry Krueger, Game Director of Nex Machina, Housemarque
u/Eugene_Jarvis – Eugene Jarvis, Creative Consultant, Founder of Raw Thrills Inc. http://rawthrills.com/
u/mbace – Mikael Haveri, Head of Publishing, Housemarque
u/MarvelHMQ – Aki Raula, Lead UI Designer, Housemarque
u/hmq_jari_k – Jari Kantomaa, Producer, Housemarque
**My Proof:** https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDVgG3oWAAIhHcM.jpg:large

**Edit 1 :** Eugene and harry enjoying AMA – https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDVmv3sWsAMLFVb.jpg
**Edit 2 :** Jari Kantomaa, our Producer joined AMA.
**Edit 3 :** IAMA and dinner. Still answering and soon back to our desktops! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDV9wvWXUAI2LgU.jpg

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  • You guys are now twin-stick heroes, covering a sphere, cylinder and now a cube (somewhat). Are you going to stick to Twin Sticks, or do a Guerrilla Games turnaround, and do something drastically different next? (and what might that be??)

  • Hi everyone!

    We are here at the Housemarque offices in Helsinki.
    Talking about arcade games with Eugene Jarvis.
    Ask Away!

  • How viable is it that we could see a mode like Resogun’s Survival mode added as DLC? This was my favourite mode in Resogun as it really lends itself to pick up and play sessions when you have a spare half hour. The worlds in Nex are made up of 15 levels (+ secret areas) whereas Resogun had 5 tube levels total. Would the nature of Nex’s level structure be a barrier to a Survival mode akin to Resoguns?

  • Will you release a dedicated cabinet version for use in arcades (maybe partner with raw thrills?)?

  • Was online co-op ever a consideration? Also, did you find the publishing side of this project challenging?

  • Hey guys, first gotta to say how much I’ve loved resogun and nex machina. Best games of this gen.
    How long do you take to balance difficulty? I think it’s genius, rookie is a great warm up for experienced and so on. But a new player (like my bud) might just try experienced, get smashed and give up.

    I love the difficulty (and this is a tough one) but do you worry you’re giving up some sales to keep it savage?

  • Hey guys, congratulations on all your success. I’ve been a fan since Super Stardust HD on the PS3.

    1)- does it bother you that you’re known as “those twinstick shooter guys”? I mean, you make excellent games in that genre. But does it seem a little limiting to you sometimes?

    2)- Nex might be the first of your games that I buy, since all your other games came out on PS+! How do you guys actually make money when your game is for free on a service like PS+?

    Keep up the good work.

  • Which part of the game is Housemarque, and which part is the Jarvis (Hi there!) influence?

  • Awesome to see this AMA…we need more such things for arcade game designers.

    Two questions for Eugene:

    Will the arcade version have any content differences from the console version?

    Have any of your kids followed your footsteps into making video games or have they gone off to do other things?

  • Hey guys! I absolutely love your games! Super Stardust HD, Resogun and now Nex Machina are some of my all time favorites.

    Are you considering making a pure VR game? I like Stardust in VR, but I’m curious what you guys would come up with, when developing something mainly for VR.

  • Any chance we’ll see a crosshair or reticule added for keyboard & mouse players?

  • Hi, thanks for the AMA opportunity. Is Nex Machina a final, completed product, or will there be additions, and if so, what plans do you have? (more worlds, VR, other stuffs)

  • Question for Eugene: How has the evolution of technology changed the way video games play? Are there any ways in which you think improved technology has negatively impacted this? Thanks!

  • Was Nex Machina developed by an entirely different team than the upcoming Matterfall? Has Housemarque grown to encompass two independent teams, or have there always been two?

  • Congrats on self-publishing Nex Machina! Are there any plans for a physical release? Perhaps after all of the additional content has been released 😉

  • Hey HMQ and Eugene! So nice to hear from you again. I’m old enough to have played all your biggest games at the arcade back in the day. Been revisiting them recently, they’re still very fun to play and it ain’t just for nostalgia’s sake.

    Anyway, I’ve been watching some old interviews you did.. my question is, does Nex Machina make you rage when you play? 😀 (this is referring to your comment about needing to be enraged to succeed at Robotron). Or are you more casual when you play videogames nowadays?

  • Awesome game, loving every minute of it. Question: Was the The Architect in Nex Machina inspired by the game show host form Smash TV?

  • Any plans on adding save support? Many of us find it hard to find contiguous blocks of time to play; especially when there’s kids around.

  • I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes YouTube videos and I’m looking forward to the upcoming documentary. Do you plan on producing behind the scenes videos for Matterfall and future projects?

  • Easy Allies recently mentioned your Guerrilla approach to your booth at E3. Can you say what made you go that route?

  • Any plans to put out a Linux port via Steam? I would love to play (popped soooo many quarters into Robotron in my youth), but I only do Steam via Linux.

    Hey Geno. Haven’t seen you since camping at Lake Como.

  • Hi Housemarque and Eugene! Congratulations on releasing Nex Machina – it’s incredible! I would like to know what Eugene’s thoughts are on the final shipped product. What does he love about it, what (if anything) does he dislike about it, and has he been able to beat the game on Experienced or Veteran? Thanks!

  • Hey guys, loved the game since the alpha! Do you plan to add online co-op in the future? Or it’s not viable because of the “too many things happening at the same time” factor?

  • Any plans on supporting 21:9 on PC? This game is interesting since the black borders are actually filled in but we can’t expand the screen to take advantage of it gameplay wise.

  • (This is for everyone to answer, or just one, whatever you have time for)

    What has been your favorite Housemarque game that has been made so far?

    What is your favorite game of all time?

  • Would you guys ever consider doing a 1st person shooter, in the vein of the old Doom (not the new one)? I think you guys could make an amazing 1st person shooter.

  • What do you guys think of the current Finnish gaming industry? and +1 for Rekorderlig

  • Obviously, Nex Machina takes inspiration from Robotron/Smash TV. Are there any other favorite old arcade games that you would like to try and remake and make it your own?

  • What are your general thoughts on VR and its future (either gaming or non-gaming applications)? Any plans for Nex Machina VR?

  • Brilliant game! Any plans on full PS4 controller support (w/ button prompts) on Steam?

  • Hey, what made you want to reveal Matterfall by using an entirely cinematic game trailer? It seems quite a few people(really just youtube comments) that aren’t informed about Housemarque were under the impression that it would be a different type of game once gameplay was finally shown at E3. As for me, I’m really looking forward to it since it looks like the closest thing to Outland(my favorite game of yours) that y’all have created!

  • So I think some interview said Harry likes Dark Souls but what about Eugene and others?

    Could that be inspiration for future collaborations? Please say yes 🙂

  • First off, congrats on making the game as your hard work shows. I became interested in Housemarque after playing Dead Nation on its release day as I was looking for something similar to Smash TV, Total Carnage and Loaded.

    I have two questions, one for Mr. Jarvis and the other for the Housemarque team.

    Mr. Jarvis, you’ve etched your name in videogame history and that’s something to be proud of. However, we’ve transitioned from the “quarter munchers” and now people are playing games at home or on the go. If your game design changed due to industry changes and consumer needs, can you explain how?

    Housemarque, you guys have a GREAT community forum and, as a member, I enjoy reading the posts you guys make as you’re very transparent, explain things in a simple manner, don’t sugarcoat and are fair and reasonable. I wish more people who see this will join your forum. My question to you guys is what does Ms. Housemarque actually look like?

    Thanks guys, enjoy the AMA and I look forward to playing Nex Machina!


  • The gameplay loop is so very small, yet addicting at the same time. Why does the game not only looks great, but feels great to play as well?

    Finally any future plans to evolve this game?

  • How did Eugene get involved with the project?

  • You are elite developers, like Treasure and Platinum, but unique in your own way. How did you all become so gameplay oriented, as a discipline, and how do you keep your focus on what matters most during development?

    Also, thank you for the amazing games, well worth the money every time, any time.


    I don’t even have a question, I just want to say that Defender II literally made me into the man I am now – not just the shmup obsessive part, I write for a living and creating my own narratives from the bleak, spartan feel of that game made my tiny imagination grow into something capable of building worlds. Thanks.

    Oh, apparently I have to ask a question otherwise I invoke the furious wrath of the auto-mod. Uhhhh. What’s your favourite Warhammer 40,000 faction?

  • Eugene, super off topic here but do you happen to have a spare DDR cabinet (without pads is great) that you want to get out of your warehouse?

  • Eugene would you ever consider coming to a con like Salt Lake Comic Con and doing a panel? Or have Raw Thrills come with a booth to any con to help bring arcades into the public eye more to let them know we’re not dead?

  • Is this game worth eating ramen for the next week? Saw it on steam and looks great.

  • Last question from me. For any future titles beyond Materfall, do you plan on targeting pc as well besides consoles? And lastly, thank you guys very much for focusing on gameplay in all your games. I think too many developers these days lose sight of what’s important, and that is gameplay trumps everything else and is king. And thank you guys for continuously making the types of games that I loved growing up as a kid. And just wanted to say Outland is by far my favorite game of yours. It’s one of my all time favorite games of all time. Any chance for a sequel? 🙂

  • For all of you: What’s the hardest arcade game you’ve 1cc’d (if any)?

  • Remastered Supreme Snowboarding, threat or opportunity? But seriously, this is in the works, right?

  • Why are your games so awesome?

  • Can you please add scalable text (caveat: I have not tried New Machina yet)? Even on a 65″ screen, the text on Alienation was sometimes hard to read… and I am getting old.

    Thanks! Awesome games! Really the only ones I put serious time in on my PS4 are yours.

  • What’s your favorite sci-fi movie?

  • I know this is a boring question but I haven’t seen an answer anywhere; does Nex Machina have any enhancements on PS4 Pro vs the OG PS4?

  • Please add VR support to resogun and nex machina
    it was awesome in super stardust, would be incredible in resogun (especially if you do a first person view from inside the circle looking outward instead of inward

    Please please please do another season pass like resogun too, best ever!

    What are the chances?

  • Loving Nex Machina, thanks for making this! Any chance a PSVR patch/mode could be on the horizon?

  • Hey there. We just played through “Outland” in the past couple of weeks and really enjoyed it! Was that game a big success for did it fly under the radar?

  • Harry, where can I get that shirt you’re wearing?

  • Hi all! Looking forward seeing the team tomorrow! I have only one question concerning The True Last Boss – do you perhaps plan bringing it to arena etc.? I’m kinda stuck because only way to fight it is to beat the game without dying completely. I would like to learn its patterns. Maybe even push some kind of boss run mode.

  • Hi all! Looking forward seeing the team tomorrow! I have only one question concerning The True Last Boss – do you perhaps plan bringing it to arena etc.? I’m kinda stuck because only way to fight it is to beat the game without dying completely. I would like to learn its patterns. Maybe even push some kind of boss run mode.

  • Harry, in what ways did working with Eugene challenge you, push you, or make you think about game dev in a different way? Got any anecdotes that we might find interesting?

  • Are there any plans to release a “housemarque” collection on PS4? Digital or Disc copy including all your games? I’d buy it for sure!

  • Hello guys! Just want to say I am a huge fan of your games. Resogun was the first game I had on the ps4 and my friends and I would play it for hours every night. Can’t to play Nex Machina!

    Anyway. I was curious as to what games YOU like to play when you aren’t working on your own games. Anything released already in 2017 blow you away? Or anything shown at e3 get you super excited for what’s to come? (If you like to do other hobbies besides games while your not working on your games, feel free to say what it is you like to do during your free time!)

    Thanks for your work in the industry and thanks for doing the AMA! Wish you guys the best in all your future projects!

  • Hello guys!

    I’m a big fan of your games, they are just so addictive and Resogun, Alienation and Nex Machina are probably my favorite games on my PS4 right now!

    What can we expect for the future of Nex Machina? And what about your other titles? Will we ever see any new DLC or update to say Resogun?

    Also, I can spot a cool Resogun poster on your picture, is it possible to buy it somewhere?

    Keep up the good work, and congratulation again for the launch of Nex Machina!

  • Considering the arcade industry nowadays, do you think Nex Machina Arcade will work in an environment where consumers have to learn the game on the get go to ensure a successful game (i.e. Dave and Busters)? Also for /u/Eugene_Jarvis, are extra tracks for Cruis’n Blast in the works? If so, try to direct those who are designing it to make it as vast as possible. One thing I think Cruis’n Blast needs more is tracks with lots of shortcuts so it’s fun to give tracks another go to go an alternate way.


    P.S. Thanks Eugene for helping to keep the amusement industry in tact, making game experiences many will remember and cherish. Can’t wait to play Space Invaders Frenzy, looks fun from the videos I’ve seen.

  • The game looks awesome! Sadly, I don’t have a PC or a Playstation 4. Which version do you consider the superior experience? And what kind of a setup would be required to run the game on PC?

  • Hi guys! 1) (related to Nex Machina) – any progress on fixing the bug preventing the game from starting up on PC for many machines? 2) (non-related) PS4 Pro patch for Alienation? Will it ever come out?

  • Hey, just wanted to say the game is great. Any chance of getting the joypad to shout ‘boost ready’ or ‘secondary charged’? Also, how do I stop playing the forest arena over and over and move onto the next one?

  • Hello,

    I’ve been a huge Housemarque fan since I dumped 1k hours into Super Stardust on PS3.

    Are there any plans to make an endless mode or any other game modes for Nex Machina? It doesn’t seem like there’s a place for endless in this game but I’m such I huge fan of endless modes I had to ask.

  • Do you have plans to maybe work on a Triple A type game? eg – Horizon, Wolfenstein.

    I really want to see you guys try your hand at a big blockbuster type title. Perhaps the Order 1886 sequel 😉

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