IamA Former Burger King Employee, AMA!

I used to work at Burger King a few years ago and although I wasn’t a manager I did end up doing manager related things (running the store with keys and card in pocket, scheduling) I will tell you anything you want to know from the inside of a fast food operation!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/J68Gx

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  • What should I never order there ?

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  • Do people ever come up to order and instead sing the “Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us” song instead?

  • Is there a secret/hidden menu? Did you guys used to cook stuff not on the menu, if so what was your favorite concoction?

  • What’s your favourite food and why is it Chili Cheese Burgers?

    And why don’t you put more Jalapneos on my burger?

  • Why is it that double cheeseburgers can vary so much in taste/quality?

  • What was your favorite meal?

  • How much free food do you get?

  • Have you ever heard of someone spitting in the food of a bad guest? I always try super hard to be kind to the workers whenever I order, I think it’s important to be a nice person but I’ve always been a little paranoid lol

  • Has there been an incidents where people order something, you make it and they just left without taking the food?

  • Any funny customer stories? Did you get close to the people you worked with? Did y’all have any inside Burger King jokes?

  • Any experiences with thieves, people who fill water cups with sodas, steal orders, etc?

  • Does burger king actually use flames to cook their burgers?

  • how many employees did you know of that used drugs? were you friends with any of them?

  • If you were tasked with making the most disgusting thing imaginable using BK ingredients, what would it be?

  • have you ever had to clean out the broiler? pix or it didn’t happen

  • Was your BK a franchise or a BKC location?

  • Isnt it aganist the rules to ask to hug people? A bk employee asked me this and I thot it was weird.

  • Where you there when they had the mac N cheetos? How disgusting to make where they?

  • After being a Burger King employee, can you tell me, what is he meaning of life?

  • how veggie is BK veggie burger?

  • Do you know how the three seashells work?

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