IamA Cannabis Recruiters: Vangst Talent AMA!

Ever been interested in getting a job in the Cannabis industry. We are your first stop! Doing placements across Canada, USA and Puerto Rico, we are the Cannabis industry’s leading recruitment agency.

Ask us anything you’d like to know about the Cannabis Industry!

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  • What difficulties does the recreational industry face being legal in some states but still illegal federally?

  • Why aren’t non-profit organizations more popular in the industry since the for-profits have to pay an inflated income tax?

  • CO resident here. Have several years of analyst experience at one of the largest breweries in the state. What type (and roughly how many) professional opportunities are available?

    I’m interested in the industry (and starting a business myself) but haven’t really looked for cannabis jobs as I’m under the impression that skilled office positions are extremely limited. Is that true?

    Also I see there’s a Denver job fair on 7/16. Any promo codes for tickets? Personally, I do not think candidates should be expected to pay to attend a job fair.

  • which large companies (such as tobacco) look as though they are secretly trying to get into cannabis through acquisitions or other means?

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  • Which companies would be good to talk to about mentorship if I’m interested in starting a medical grow company in a country that’s on the verge of making it legal but lacks an established industry?

  • do you guys get to smoke on the job?

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