I recently changed to a career in coding and today caught myself, for the first time, typing ‘color’ in a WhatsApp to a friend

help me organize my gray matter my dudes

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  • If you’re doing CSS you could have a look at [spiffing](https://github.com/muan/spiffing)

  • You type ‘col’, let the intellisense pop up, and select it. That way you don’t need to type it!

    When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is set up you can admit to being complicit, but truthfully say you never committed the crime.

  • I’m a software developer and I feel dirty when I have to write in American English. We should start a support group.

    Also, some career advice. Call yourself a “Programmer” or “Software Developer”, sounds fancier.

  • Some friends and I entered a robot competition a couple of years ago. The robot was coded in python and the first thing we did was “import color as colour”.

  • See also when someone hacked perl to use £ instead of $ as the sigil for scalars.

  • You write ‘colour’, try to compile, curse out the computer and then and _only then_ change it to ‘color’ like a proper britishman.

  • Give up on the so called “high level” languages now.

    Assembly don’t know English. Assembly don’t care…

  • Now it’s only a small step to dropping your ‘ght’s

  • I think it helps to think of British English and American English as different languages with an unusual amount of overlap.

  • I think it may be worse than you originally thought. Grey!

  • import color as colour

  • I realised a year after starting a project I had used ‘initialise’ and ‘initialize’ interchangably.

  • I missread coding as “Codding” so was expecting to read about fish.

  • > my dudes


  • No I just don’t allow myself to get used to it. I have to correct my code every time

  • I’ve been writing html and css for nearly twenty years and I still write ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’.


  • import math as maths

  • Put `colour = color` at the top of your code, that should work.

  • Right that’s it, hand over the passport please

  • Found myself typing £ in an email the other day.

  • I don’t see why programming languages can’t support both sets of English.

    There can’t be *that* many differences to be justifiably American based.

  • I’ve been using “color” since learning HTML for my Neopets lookup back in the early 2000’s. Not sure how I haven’t been deported yet tbh.

  • Fork the languages. British_python, US_Python.

  • I’ll see that and raise you my Canadian problem. Our codebase has stuff like this in it:

    var colour = ‘blue’;
    div.setAttribute(‘style’, ‘color:’ + colour);

  • I feel your pain OP,

    I taught myself to code and somehow managed to get a job in this industry 4+ years ago and to this day, it still pisses me off to see colour underlined with a red error mark… ffs, reddit has just done the same thing.

  • grey* FTFY

    An easy way to remember is the first letter of the county:

    grAy = America.

    grEy = England.

  • My US HQd work uses American spelling on their website, of course. But every time I see that it is coded as ‘English’ in WordPress, I die a little inside.

  • Programmer here too. Been doing it for years. 🙁

  • Cdp neighbor really annoys me. So I type in neigh, and press tab

  • I can’t type colour or behaviour without instantly thinking USA / UK.

  • I thought this was /r/programmerhumour/ for a minute.

  • You have lost all honor! Nothing can armor your soul against this.


  • Meh, it’s just another language. I mean, it’s unlikely French coders will be writing coler, is it?

    ^(And there is no excuse for ‘organize’ given the title)

  • “gray” matter??

  • It’s like how in America I’ve had to say tomAYto otherwise they don’t understand me 🙁 It hurts

  • What’s that supposed to mean, ‘color’ ?

  • Regularly put “something && something else”

  • I’ve spent an inordinate amount of my life internally repeating correct spelling being inundated by American media, discourse, and programming conventions.

  • Goddammit, I do this all the time… 😉

  • u monster

  • Welcome to being a Canadian.

  • Ug! I’ve reached a point where the spelling “centre” looks wrong to me.

  • > my gray matter

    I see what you did there.

  • I misread the title and wondered what American spelling had to do with cod fishing.

  • Honestly, just make the full conversion, it’s not worth the pain of being in a codebase were some things are spelt with ‘z’, and some with ‘s’, or having to reemember what YOU named ‘colour’ and what your mate billy named ‘color’, makes me cringe every time i see this

  • I develop in a telephony company and i see and type “Dialer” all too often. It looks and feels weird.

  • After a year of living in LA, I returned to Manchester. I was happily working away when I found myself writing “center” on an address.

    I did the only thing I could. I moved back to LA (19 years total now).

  • I’m a Brit living in America, and I’ve reached a compromise with my boss; internal emails I can spell shit however I want, but external emails I need to use American English. Same with date formatting. It’s been 5 years with only minimal confusion at times.

    Bonus; the application I use to do basic HTML/CSS editing has a British English dictionary that I can’t easily change… which actually sucks because I sometimes accidentally spell stuff the British way on our American website.

  • Watch out for serialization. It’ll get you, the struggle is real

  • We should have one universal standard for language. I propose a hybrid:

    * Colo(u)r
    * Cent(e)r(e)
    * Alumin(i)um
    * Analysis(s/z)e
    * Toward(s)
    * Travel(l)ing
    * Math(s)
    * Conne(x/ct)ion
    * F(a)eces
    * Catalog(ue)
    * Enrol(l)
    * S(c/k)eptic
    * Dream(t/ed)
    * Plo(ugh/w)
    * T(i/y)re
    * Per( )cent

  • this situation is so relatable

  • We can start with dude…

  • i wince every time i type “color” when coding

  • Are you saying you have a colour bias?

  • > help me organise my grey matter my good chums


  • I’ve spent so much time on the internet in the last 15 years that I’ve started using US/British English spellings basically interchangeably. Criticize/criticise, colour/color, airplane/aeroplane etc are all the same to me now. I’ll usually tend toward the British when writing it, but when reading I don’t even notice

    Other than the ize/ise thing… I couldn’t actually tell you right now which is British and which is American: best guess, ise = British?

  • My face went LightGray as I read this.

  • The term ‘coding’ makes me cringe

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