I painted a dog for another Reddit user, I hope you enjoy.

I painted a dog for another Reddit user, I hope you enjoy.

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  • Locked due to excessive Rule 4 violations. Does it matter that much whether it’s a painting or a portrait?

  • Ok, wait. How TF do you paint things blurry to mimic a photograph?!?!?

  • Wow. I zoomed in to try to find brush strokes and ultimately failed. This is Amazing.

  • This is a painting?! Christ that’s some insane talent bud.

  • paint me like one of your good boys

  • Very nice touch including the photographer in the reflection of the eyes.

  • I thought that was a photo o.O

  • I’m sorry did you just say “painted”?

  • Wow, Even my camera can’t take such crispy beautiful picture. My phone says thank you for the wallpaper! 🙂 GREAT WORK!

  • If you can’t tell that it’s a painting just zoom in and you’ll see that you still can’t tell it’s a painting.

  • I clicked expecting a painted dog. What I got was a painted canvas. Stop with your lies.

  • Great job! What media?

    Edit: a word

  • How long has it taken for you to be able to paint like this?

  • Found your site. Amazing work. I shed a tear when I saw the Westie. We had to put ours down a couple years ago just before his 15th birthday.

  • That is not a painting. I literally dont believe that is a painting.

    Show me proof or I’ll…. not believe its real which is totally gonna cause some sort of problem lol

  • I found your web site and sat open mouthed looking at your work.

  • Can you post a pic on here where ut shows actual canvas and some background, cant believe this is a painting…

  • It’s crazy to me that so many people are doubting you OP. Hyperrealism is an established art movement. Congrats on having not only the talent and skill but the patience to paint like this. It hurts my back to even think about it!!! Has anyone asked yet how long it takes for you to paint something like this? Would love to know.

    Also you are DEFINITELY not charging enough for your commissions.

  • This is a fucking painting?? HOLY COW! Can you please paint a 4K version of Mona Lisa?

  • I’m unconvinced this is a painting.

  • How is this a painting? How? What? Where? When? Sometimes why?

  • >painted

    Wait, what?

  • This looks like a photo of a dog with a photoshop filter on it to look like a painting.

  • Would never have been able to tell this wasn’t an actual photo. Amazing.

  • Incredible work of a very good boy!

  • How come paintings from 100 years and older don’t look like this? Is there new techniques?

  • what color was the dog before you painted it?

  • Really tho, is there any way to prove that this is a painting… my brain can’t handle this

  • I’m still not convinced that this is a painting.

  • Nice photo, but where is the painting?

  • it was fun going through your post history and just counting the gold

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