I need to get rid of 1200 lbs of peanut butter. Any suggestions? [Request/Discussion]

I need to get rid of 1200 lbs of peanut butter. Any suggestions? [Request/Discussion]

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  • I have 600lbs of raspberry jelly…… anyone here a baker?

  • Donate it. Get tax write off.

  • So I own a small, gourmet brand of peanut butter and I have 1200 jars (600 creamy and 600 crunchy) with only 3-4 months left until the “best by” date. I produced too much peanut butter too close together, so I’m trying to sell it at a major discount.

    Does anyone know discount retail outlets or non-profits that need large donations of peanut butter? I’m trying to each as much as I can, but I can’t keep up!

    Edit: so if anyone is interested, I’m selling 4-packs for $15 at my online store (bottom 2 products): https://store.peanutbutterboy.com/collections/peanut-butter-combo-packs

  • I’ll give you 20 bucks

  • Send out free samples to get people hooked on your delicious peanut butter

  • Go to farmer’s market, set up stand with ‘regular’ for $6/jar, offer this as a ‘special’ for $4/jar or 3 for $10. Use this as an opportunity to grow your brand while not lowering your value, by making it clear this is a rare offer.

    And by the time you get down to <6 weeks, have a food bank lined up. You also might want to consider if your baker contacts would accept frozen PB at a slight discount, it should keep far longer that way.

  • Donate, but donate to a Dog Shelter. Imagine the joy

  • Call your local television if you want to donate it. You will get tons of great advertising for your company and do a good deed. It will turn up tons leads for you.


  • Donate half to an animal shelter, half to a food bank/soup kitchen. Might have more luck with the animal shelter though, given nut allergies.

  • Send it to my grandma’s house, itll be gone in three days.

  • PM me. I’m the Sous chef at a local restaurant in California and would love to make a dessert or two out of your peanut butter. I’ll buy a case. I’ll also advertise on the menu for you.

  • Find someone with 1200 lbs of chocolate.

  • I don’t know but I’m upvoting coz i’m really curious to see what reddit can come up with..

  • Sell it to someone on YouTube to do a stunt with it….like fill a swimming pool with pb or be human bird feeders (roll around in birdseed after coating yourself with pb, preferably somewhere like the beach)

  • You could give me like….3 jars. I think thats all I’d need for sandwiches. Maybe a 4th jar for art projects, IDK.

  • Do you typically sell it online already? If so why not just put it up there at a discounted rate noting that it expires soon and as such you’re offering it for less? Past that maybe there are some events near you (festivals or something) where you could distribute it? Too bad the National Peanut Festival isn’t sooner: http://nationalpeanutfestival.com/

  • All this donating talk…. c’mon capitalism

  • You add a link to buy this, and there’s a good chance you can sell it all in this thread. I’d buy a bit.

  • Just eat it… Eat it all… In one, in one sitting.. just do it.

  • Very Keto/low carb friendly. There might be an angle there. Ask in r/keto for sure.

  • Have you considered making it into doggy treats and selling them?

  • I’ll take a pound or two or three.

  • Food bank it. Fairfoods.org or one close to you. They pick up.

  • Give it all to me, it will be gone shortly.

  • But 1200 lbs of jelly and have a party

  • Donate it to me. Get a tax write off.

  • How much does a case cost? Just out of curiosity.

  • Ill Call The Dogs

  • Have you considered donating it to a wildlife non-profit. I used to work for one that used a ton of expired peanut butter to feed the animals.

  • Find a manufacturer of deer hunting attractants. They use peanut butter as a base for a lot of different flavors.

  • 1200 lbs of Jelly

  • I would find a niche PB business – such as a small business confectioner that makes peanut butter cups, or deep fried peanut butter sticks or maybe they make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and just give them a huge discount. Someone that goes trough a lot of PB.

    Imagine if I’m running my own peanut butter hot tub brothel movie theatre opium den, and this guy waltzes in with a jacoozi full of the brown stuff…

    Donating to food bank isn’t the best idea. They get so much things they throw away 90% of it.

    You can donate it to school cafeterias.. Girl Scouts.. summer camps

  • Toast.

  • anybody make a “you got a dog” joke yet

  • When does pb actually expire? I wanted to use it as a prepper food because it is crazy dense calorically

  • Dibs

  • I mean I’ll take a jar. If it helps. Just shoot me a pm I like gourmet

  • Feed ALL the dogs!

  • Giant Reese’s cup?

  • My first instinct is to write, “Find someone with 600 lbs of Pineapple-Apricot Preserves”.
    More seriously contributing the lot to a nearby food bank would be laudable. It would also generate a more than modest tax savings.

  • BIP it!

  • I’ll take it 😋

  • Reddit giveaway!

  • Natural PB is my favorite. OP I hope you find a good use for all that wonderful concoction. : )

  • Dog park

  • Become a dog walker.

  • I have an idea but you’re gonna need a lot of dogs

  • Food banks.

  • This feels like a math class word problem

  • Food pantry for the needy.

  • Honestly you should reach out to Hope World Wide. It’s a none profit and maybe they would buy some.

  • Buy some dogs? B)

  • Well you can’t send it to Venezuela!

  • Compost it

  • I’m a broke college student so I’d love some.

  • This definitely needs an update in a few weeks please. I need to know what the result was haha

  • Cover your boss’s car in it then sprinkle with birdseed, pull up a deckchair and a camera then sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Send me some pb by mail

  • Good luck!

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