I missed my exit and drove 15 minutes out of my way to get this picture.

I missed my exit and drove 15 minutes out of my way to get this picture.

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  • “Quick Morty, you gotta turn into a car! A long time ago, I implanted you with a subdermal chip that could call upon dormant nanobots in your bloodstream to restructure your anatomy and turn you into a car. Concentrate, Morty. Concentrate and turn into a car, Morty. Never mind. Here’s a taxi. Get in. It’s fine.”

  • Plot Twist: Season 3 is live action.

  • “You’re missing the point Morty. Why would he drive a smaller toaster with wheels? I mean, does your car look like a smaller version of your house? No.”

  • Worth it

  • It’s the mobile store on tour.

    Link for the schedule –

  • no you didnt

  • Well I thought this was just a repost and didn’t trust you but I looked the pic up on tineye and Google and it seems like you actually took it yourself. I’m proud of you, son

  • It says Rickmobile on the back and the tail lights are in a similar shape to the eyes, the number plat says ‘C13T RM’, and the sign at the front says ‘So Easy’.

    With all these clues I can concur that Episode 2 isn’t coping out today.

  • Gives a new meaning to Rick-Rollin’.

  • There is something happening tonight regarding season 3

  • Looks schwifty

  • “I’m gonna need you to shove those seeds waaaaay up your asshole. Get em waaay up there, Morty”

  • I went to the [Rick-mobile](http://imgur.com/a/N2oMq) when it was in Detroit a few weeks ago!

  • #woulddoagain

  • Coming to my hometown tomorrow! Woooo!

  • Rick’s a bitch and that’s the truth.


  • I clapped.

    I clapped because reference I understand.

  • Morty, you gotta shove this up your ass. You have to understand that I’ve done it so many times I’m all loose down there. I can fit a Buick up my ass, Morty. A fucking Buick, Morty.

  • What does the front look Like?

  • What’s the purpose of this? Is this just a dedicated Rick and Morty fan or was this funded by Adult Swim?

  • You live near eugene oregon I take it

  • It will be in Portland, Oregon today around 2pm at Ecliptic Brewing, 825 N Cook Street.


  • Don’t use your phone when driving. Taking a pic of the rickmobile is not a good excuse to put others lives in danger. If I was a cop I’d ticket you.

  • yay for distracted driving!

    fuck off

  • Man I really wanna see this truck irl

  • Interesting number plate

  • Which rick is it? 137 is that you?

  • Wouldn’t have missed it if you weren’t in the slow lane..


  • HARD

  • “Uhh yep… They’re definitely *waay* up there. Good job Morty.

  • Who is driving the rickmobile?

  • Not all heroes wear a cape.

  • Paging r/rocketleague

  • Headed to San Diego for comic con I bet!!

  • This fking thing made an appearance at an arcade outside of Denver and good god, the size of the crowd that showed up… ridiculous.

  • Saw it up close at Movement Music Festival in Detroit. Had some cool merch

  • The rick and morty rocket league DLC looks great

  • /r/madlads

  • I missed it on Wednesday when it drove through eugene. sigh!

  • Thought I was on r/earthporn for a second..

  • It’s coming to Washington tomorrow I’m excited because I get to go see it

  • Please don’t use your phone on the road.

    I am not sure the excuse of “but I saw a Rick and Morty Truck” would be much worth; when I am identifying my children at the morgue.

  • Morty is currently in a chop shop

  • cool title

  • I’m giant Riiiick!

  • this is a repost of a repost

  • Tired of seeing the same fucking thing get 2k upvotes every time because of the rick and morty circlejerk

  • Wubba lubba dub dub!

  • What a waste of time for a stupid ugly show

  • But you’re still on the freeway

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