I made a tool that automatically connects complementary players (Xpost from /r/Overwatch)

Hey all,
Frustrated of the ladder toxicity/lack of player complementarity (3 OTPs in a team) last fall, I started working on [owls.co](https://owls.co) with a friend. Our goal was to create an engine that automatically connects the right players based on their goals & stats instead of scrolling through dozens of player descriptions on boards. After a successful Alpha at a small scale, we’ve decided to go full time on the project to help out the community and are now launching our public beta.


The concept is straightforward: after signing up (1 minute), you’re placed in a group of similar players level/region/language wise. An additional visual icon indicates your synergy level with any player (1 to 6) that is based on a much more sophisticated algorithm. You can create gaming sessions with criteria (roles, goals) and reward other players for their traits after playing (leader, team player, etc.). Hovering a username will give an overview of his stats (just as you can do in game now, but we had it before!)


You’ll also find a simple profile with stats, description & gear (alpha testers have been rewarded a cool border) that we intend to improve in the future. We’ll soon add the option to create/manage a team to take a step further into the game. We have a ton of cool stuff in mind and are eager to hear from the community! Say goodbye to elo hell 😉


You can try it here: https://owls.co
Make sure to give us feedback on our [subreddit](http://reddit.com/r/owlsplatform) or by any other means!
Gl & Hf,

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  • Awesome idea! Hope it takes off as it looks very useful.

    Question: when you say complementary, do you mean things like “like minded goals” or synergy based on your mains deduced from your profile so you don’t end up with 5 DPS mains? Ex: you get sorted by something like your 3 highest win rates on heroes that have 15% or more of your total playtime (to filter out the ones that are 100% because you won the only game you played)?

  • Love the concept! I look forward to using it.

    Some issues (and bugs) I see from a web developers perspective:

    * You should be using Blizzards Oauth in order to get a person’s account. From the looks of it (I didn’t test it, but nothing looked like it was stopping me) I can just find anyone’s gamer tag and attach it to my owl account.

    * When I create an account, the submit redirect doesn’t work. The account creation worked, but there is no indication that it didn’t hang. The only reason I noticed it worked was my phone popped up with the confirmation email.

    * When I clicked the click to confirm my account it didn’t go to any sort of confirmation page. Just went to the home page with no indication it did anything. I THINK it still confirmed it? I don’t know.

    * It’s not clear which servers I’m connected to. I have a great britain symbol. Is that indicating my language? Servers? It’s not clear. If it’s servers, it’s wrong. (EDIT: I do see from the home page that its language)

    * I also see a group(channel?) called “Ana’s Shadows”. The UI isn’t clear on if I’m IN that channel or not. Is it the default? How did I get into it? Can I leave? I know some of this functionality might just be placeholders, but indication of that would be nice. I’ve been clicking on things that look like they are clickable only to find they don’t do anything for a while now. On your end, I’d set up a dev environment so that you can have all these placeholders, but keep the live one clean with only functionality that currently works. If there is something that doesn’t function yet but you really want people to know it’s going to be there, a simple popup when I click explaining what it will do would be helpful.

    The biggest most important issue you need to address ASAP is using blizz’s OAuth. That’s going to be a big problem.

    Now for suggestions:

    * Given that it’s beta, you should add an area to submit suggestions. You have beta testers, use them.
    * In the gear section, you could use something like [Amazon’s Product Adverising Api](https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/advertising/api/detail/main.html) so that when someone inputs their gear, you can give back the actual product and use the name amazon gives it. That will make them much more consistent and would also give the ability for someone to see someone’s gear and go directly to a place they can buy it.
    * On the signup page. Get rid of DOB and just do either “Age” or just the year itself. Many people don’t like giving out that info. Plus, you don’t need it. You really just need the year to get the person’s age.

    Again, I wouldn’t be making these suggestions if I didn’t think this would be useful. Great concept and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

    EDIT: Also, regarding the sign up thing, it also doesn’t look like it keeps me from searching my tag multiple times and attaching it to a different account. Perhaps the sign up page throws an error? I didn’t want to test it and break my account.

  • Cool tool, where do you get your data from?

  • 2 errors:

    1) Doesn’t accept battletag. Tried the same battletag 3 or 4 times and it just said that it couldn’t find the btag. Tried it on other websites to make sure I didn’t have the case wrong, came back, then it worked.

    2) On account set up, it’s currently stuck on create account. Can’t get past the screen where I enter my email.

  • It shouldn’t default your role to your most played in your group. I’m a flex player that fills and thats usually support. I can play any other role fine. Let us decide what role we want to show (Offense, tank, support, flex).

  • Looks like it has potential.

    Saved the post for when I’m back home in 2 weeks.

  • I’d rather not tell you my birthday and city. What about asking for age and general location, like “west coast US”?

  • Looks nice, but if there was a way to create custom url this would be nice and I have found a nice glitch too.

  • Are the regions only KR-EU-NA? Would it be possible to include other sub-regions (SEA and OCE within NA, for example)?

  • Is there a way to edit your info? I think it placed me in UK instead of US…

  • I just get a 404?

  • 404 now?

  • Great idea, I will likely check it out. How many active users does your website have? I wonder in which scale we are right now, hope to see it rise in popularity even outside of reddit at some point!

  • Not entirely sure how it works, but when you say connect, you mean it gives you a few names and you can choose to duo/trio queue with them? Or will it give you like a full 12 man game and you guys can “create gaming sessions” as in create inhouse customs.

    Btw 502 Server Error lol 😛

  • Oh this is pretty cool. I’ve been hugely dropping out of touch with OW of late and find it hard to get any sort of people to play with grow as a player.
    I shall have to have a poke around.

  • It may have been hit by the reddit effect. Server is on its knees

  • When I go to the website, it gives me a 404 error 🙁

  • This is a good idea, but the problem is finding a lot of active users

  • Make state/province an option, rather than city. It’ll take some extra work but it’ll be more useful overall.

    Edit: Yeah, saw it fills in your state, for clarity-sake I’d put “City, Province/State” instead.

  • Bug: Kind of annoyed, spent time to type in all my gear and it wouldn’t save it when I clicked Update.

  • This sounds like the TF2lobby of overwatch. Thank you so much

  • I really dont want to be rude (especially since this is in beta) but I really dont find this usable at the minute. More like a Pre-Alpha.

    My bad experiences so far:

    Why can you steal someone’s battle tag when signing up?

    The sessions that the website is telling me to join are all on different platforms. I tried to join and half were on PC and Xbox, where as I signed up with a PSN account.

    Your role shouldn’t default to your most played. Give flex players a different sign to choose from.

    The UI is all over each other, and I have to go full screen on my laptop to see some of the buttons.

    The website displays peoples Owls.co usernames, not their battletags which creates another hoop to jump through to join a session.

    I think the leader should have the ability to review each joining player before accepting them.

    You should be able to name your session, and add a description (I.e. to include stuff like platform + username + preferred heroes + length of time to be on etc.).

    Not to shit on the website because features are easily added, and bugs are easily fixed, and the concept is good. However at this stage it is unusable for me.

  • Looks really cool, but I doubt people would want to play with me as a Bastion main xd

  • Cool tool! But you got the RHOD

  • Looks excellent bro! Will be signing Up, hope it takes off.

  • Is this for pc only or console too?

  • server crash?

  • Really awesome man, thanks for doing this!

  • The confirmation email isn’t working properly.

  • I’m from Argentina if you would like any help translating to Spanish contact me

  • Nice work! I just logged in and it looks very promising!

  • It doesn’t accept my battle tag and I have no idea why.

  • Would be nice to try if anything on the site worked… can’t register, can’t search battletag, pretty much every link doesn’t work right.

  • Not sure if it has to do with being on my iPhone but nothing happens after I enter my btag. Just the loading dots and then nothing.

  • Sick website design and idea man 🙂

  • This for console too?

  • I can’t sign up.

  • I gave it a try, and signed my girlfriend up too. I hope it takes off! +1 for you!

  • Signed up. A few issues:

    On signup I was never redirected to a login screen or anything. Sat on the form after I hit the submit button. Had to reopen site to login and it was fine.

    Why do you need my DOB and City? Secret Tinder matches? o.0

  • Entered my BattleTag, followed by email + password. Now getting this error

    An unexpected error has occurred.

  • When clicking the link it said: Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

    Please try again in 30 seconds

  • Is this only for PC players? If so is there a possibility it will be opened up to console players at some point?

  • It only gave me options to join teams 300-400 below my SR…

  • I really like your idea, and I hope it will work.
    I successfully registered as a PC player, and the only session available to me is with a psn player. Hope you’ll fix this up and also hope more people will join in my region/language. I’ll do my best to encourage my friends registering. Happy debugging!

  • Holy hell, this site’s design is absolutely beautiful.

  • Considering that three stacks and above in GM are heavily punishes I would not recommend this for masters players and above.

  • Maybe interested to share experiences? We also work on a platform in esports. Could be great to connect both tools 🙂

  • Nice, another place where people see I have support as most played so assume I’m just there to play support for them. How innovative.

  • I’m giving you guys a virtual hug

  • I’m getting a 404

  • Getting 404 now 🙁

  • I like the idea! I however don’t really like it requiring my nationality and gender to be placed in a “group”, I don’t see how those are relevant. I don’t particularly want to game with people of the same nationality and I can’t see how gender matters. So having the option to skip those / choose an “unspecified” option would be cool!

  • Should I enter in the closest major city instead of where I actually live? Saving profile info gets me in an infinite loading loop.

  • That is exactly what i wanted to do and was preparing everything to work on it in july.

    Great jobs !

  • Can i create 2 accounts, one for EU other for NA? I often play on both.

  • Is there a preferred platform option? Preferably for console players because I would love to use this to try and gather a serious team on console.

  • Bug: When you’re on the group main page, when you make a group, if you hover over the role icons, they all say dps

  • this is dope!

  • This is even a step above what I used in the past for CSGO, some terrible site called csgoteamfinder, riddled with scammers. I have very high hopes for this site!

  • I’m chatting with someone in the group chat right now. We’re both in the same group but we can’t see each other in the list. Is that by design?

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make something like this for Heroes of the Storm!

  • Do you have plans to make a mobile app as well?

  • I cant get past the register screen at where it asks for email, username, password
    Send help 🙂

  • high hopes for this. i will def follow the progress of it

  • seems like a great concept if a decent amount of people start using it

  • I jumped on immediately and was able to get in a group of 2 at first, then 3, then 4. Was fun to find people that use voice and know to group up in the gold and silver ranks! Will be using this at least 4 times a week.

  • This is a great idea but I noticed that I logged in with my PS4 account and the suggested groups are all PC players. Is there a way to exclude them and only see PS4 players?

  • Good tool, it would be cool if the synergy icon showed up over the player icon on the group/session menu (left side) so I could glance at the team and see if we jive. Or an average synergy from that whole team compared to yours for each group.

  • I really like your idea, I would love to use the service, and I’m also stuck on the right is by default your most played.

  • Funny, I was just thinking about how great a tool like this would be. I’m interested in seeing how this works!

  • Sites down for me: 502 Server Error

  • Just a quick bit of advice.

    It would be nice if you did a rewrite, so that the site forced everyone onto the https:// version.

    It’s possible (& trivial) to pull up the http version not thinking about it, and enter your username & password into that.

    And while I’m a bit of a security nut so I never reuse passwords. I doubt everyone on reddit is.

    I see that you *appear* to be using nginx. Could just be a reverse proxy for all that I know.
    Either way, here’s a quick nginx bit on how to do that.

  • A tool that would automatically tell you what the best team comp would be awesome.

    As soon as the game start, you select the heroes that the enemy team has, then from there the app will give you 1 or 2 recommended comps that will include at least 1-2 counters to the enemy team.

    It would be even better if you can plug in your own teams players usernames, so that the app pulls their stats and even recommend what player picks what hero (based on playtime probably)

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