• Wow, where is your office located by? How did homeland security get their hands on it?

  • Why are you leaving your bag somewhere where someone can search it without your knowledge??

  • You should get another duffle bag and just fill it up with dildos and stuff and leave it out. Make sure a few of them are vibrating

  • Now you have to leave it in someone else’s bag

  • Totally read that as Dan Cheadle.

  • this is mildly interesting but also mildly terrifying…

  • Wait why’d he leave his gloves? That’s interesting to me

  • I’m curious what the corner perf is about.

  • Fuck some random with a badge just goin through my shit.

  • Personal property left out in public spaces doesn’t become public property. So says the cops who leave wallets with money out and arrest people for taking it. If you ask me, this would be a violation of the fourth.

  • Reported, reddit sitewide rule: No personal information.

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