I just completed the TRIPLE CROWN of hiking! AMA!

The Triple Crown consists of hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. According to my research, only 400 people or so have ever done all three. I did the AT in 2015, the PCT in 2016 and the CDT I just finished Sept 29th this year


Here’s a picture of all 3 to put it into perspective


My IG where I posted some photos


I’m currently uploading videos from the CDT hike to my YouTube channel if you want to see what it’s like to do a long thru hike



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  • What inspired you to do this?

  • Congratulations!
    What trail food did you consume the most?

  • What piece(s) of gear was the most helpful in all three hikes? Did you carry a tent or use a tarp (or hammock?)?

  • What was your favorite aspect of each trail?

    And, considering the CDT is not as well-traveled as the AT/PCT, did you experience any navigational challenges?

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  • Where did you feel least safe throughout all these hikes?

    Also, do you get anything for completing all three? A hiking plaque or trophy or whatever?

  • How much did it cost to do this?

    How did you prepare your body before each hike?

  • What is the strangest/scariest thing you encountered while hiking these routes?

  • How long did each of the hikes take?

  • Did you carry a gun on any of your hikes?

  • This is amazing! Can you run us through your gear list?

  • What is the most memorable day dream you had whilst hiking?

  • In your link, saw a topo about looking out for land mines. What & where is that about?

  • Any trails that you’d like to hike that you haven’t touched yet? Especially international trails?

    Like the old European Pilgrim routes or the European long distance hiking trails (E-routes)?

    Or trails in Canada or Mexico? South America? Asia?

  • Where do you poop? Are there dedicated structures on the trails or did you just go in the woods?

  • What do you do for a living to afford the time for these hikes?

  • Did you adjust your food intake to limit defecation to something like once a day, or every two, three, or four days?

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