I have trash can number 000001

I have trash can number 000001

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  • I thought most serial numbers started at an arbitrary point

  • you have T05 000001 i wanna see A00 000001

  • Must have belonged to Smitty Warben Jagermanjenson

    *He Was #1*

  • even though you’re #1 you’re still trash

  • OG trash receptacle. You should be very proud.

  • It’s a collectible.

  • In Japan… Heart surgeon…. number 1

  • But it smells like # 000002

  • The odds of that are exactly one in a million. That’s not mildly interesting, that’s ***EXTREME!!***

    Although, so are the odds of 014437. The odds of you having both of those numbers on your trash cans is one in a trillion…That’s like winning 8 lotteries, or something. This post is literally *mind-blowing.*

  • So your shit don’t stink?

  • Same as Karl Benz’s driver’s license number

  • It was his bin mr krabs… He was number 1!

  • That belongs in a museum !

  • My trash can has better internet than I do. 95G-some othernumbersandletters

  • You’re 1 in a million

  • Is this like the personalised license plate satisfaction of trash cans?

  • May it never gain sentience.

  • The Chosen One

  • Ur the last one

  • You’re trash, but atleast you’re the number 1 trash!

  • Psshhh the T05 series is trash. You got a garbage deal there.

  • Now I have to watch The Frighteners for that one scene with Jake Busey

  • Taking it out of the box destroyed the collectable value. Next time get another one to use and keep the low edition number for resale.

  • That’s better than getting the number one ordering at Carl’s Jr

  • Try to sell it on ebay!!!!

  • Sorry OP it was either this or Powerball and you got this….

  • Hold your horses! Your trash can has a number? All of your bins have numbers!? Where in the word are you? In the UK we just have numberless bins, sorry, trash cans. Might have the house number on it if the owner writes on it crudely with a pen…

    In summary, I want my bin to have a number as well. I also will start calling it a trash can, maybe for a day until someone calls me an idiot for trying to be ‘American’.

  • Why does a trashcan have a number on it that isn’t your address ?

  • Found The Engineer!

  • I guess you do if you pretend its not actually 05 000001 like it is in the picture

  • Are you part of the Sopranos family?

  • Well someones gotta have it….

  • Binary solo

  • He was number one!

  • collector cans.

  • That’s a T5!

  • As with most manufactured goods, the first one off the line is usually garbage…

  • I have trash can #420

  • Chuck Norris will be in touch

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