I have partial heterchromia – one eye that is two different colours.

I have partial heterchromia – one eye that is two different colours.

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  • So does my wife. I love her eyes. Right one is all blue left one is blue and brown.

    [Wife’s eye](http://imgur.com/a/RcmTF)

  • I have this. One blue, other is half blue and half brown. Unfortunately I’m male and nearly 50 so no one bothers to look into my eyes anymore, but it’s great that there’s a fellow eye weirdo on this Earth.

    Edit: my eye http://imgur.com/a/S8G0z

  • It’s so nice to see so many fellow eye weirdos 😊 http://i.imgur.com/jFoG1AV.jpg

  • Slightly different – blue chunks in each eye https://imgur.com/gallery/eCark

  • My daughter has this too! Same eye, brown on top, blue on bottom. Other eye is blue.
    Also it’s impossible to photograph, so this is the best I’ve got for proof lol

  • I used to spend a lot of time in school drawing eyes, and this has got to be the prettiest iris I’ve ever seen!

  • This is why Im always scared of tilting my mug too far when drinking coffee

  • [I have this too](http://imgur.com/a/jnevE) Other eye is all greenish, no brown.

  • That’s a partially groovy mutation!

  • [Me too!](https://imgur.com/gallery/40hal)

    Right eye is about 2/3 light green, 1/3 brown. Other is solid light green. My dad has a very similar eye and so does his mother do it seems it can even be somewhat hereditary. My mom has blue eyesight if it’s relevant.

  • Your eye is green Pacman.

  • Since there are so many of us in this thread, I’d just like to point out that [r/heterochromia](https://www.reddit.com/r/heterochromia/) is a thing. Just found it.

  • And your eyeliner game is ON POINT today.

  • Under all brown/green/hazel etc colored eye, is a blue eye waiting to be [re-discovered](https://www.feelguide.com/2015/03/14/all-brown-eyes-are-blue-underneath-and-theres-now-a-laser-eye-surgery-to-turn-them-blue-permanently/).

  • I’m more impressed with your eyebrows. Is that weird? They are very nice. #eyebrowgoals

  • Mine is just dark brown with 1/4 black

  • Mutant and proud!

  • At least you know you’re immune to the 28 Days Later virus

  • I have sectoral heterochromia in my right eye – just a small brown stripe. You can kinda see it in this ancient photo of me. http://forgettingoblivion.deviantart.com/art/Dino-Jen-II-180210858

  • I have sectoral heterochromia. Both eyes have patches of green and blue.


  • Oh cool, I never learned what this is but I have it too! It’s much less noticeable unfortunately, but I have [brown eyes with a quarter of my left eye being blue.](https://i.imgur.com/kb1HVzy.jpg)

    I never knew there was a name for this, my mom always just called it a birthmark.

    **Edit:** Sorry that it’s blurry, I’m on the bus.

  • Daywalker

  • My daughter had blue eyes and the right one has a splash of brown in it. I love it!

    Edit: has… My kid is still kicking…

  • Same as my wife! I sometimes like to call her my one quarter brown eyed girl.

  • It has a name!!
    Heterochromia iridis. Same eye has different colors in different sectors.

    It is very often confused with Heterochromia iridum, in which two eyes have different colors.

    Cool isn’t it? I have a friend who has green and black in one eye and blue and brown in the other. Super rare!!
    Source : have exam on Monday.

  • It’s also an accurate pie chart of how much of your iris is brown.

  • Now make it change at will!

  • Beautiful! It like an artist’s special signature on their favorite peice of art. God saying “in this one, I am well pleased”. πŸ™‚

  • can i touch it?

  • Damn always wanted eyes like this.

  • Is this present right at birth or does it change over time?

  • My dog had this too, it was blue on top and brown below.

  • When someone with heterochromia goes to get a passport how do they specify an eye color? Seems like a red tape trap.

  • Aviation in the evening…

    I can feel it coming on…

    Mama told me you should start…

  • You’re a witch!.. eeeevil

  • If you were to wear color contacts, would it also split the color?

  • Does this mean that the rest of us have… homochromia?

  • Oh you think you are cool just because your eye is two different colors.

    Well fuck me that is pretty cool.

  • Very beautiful eye too!

  • Yup, brown and white…

  • Any idea what it is when your eyes change colors? In different seasons I have different color eyes and it’s a drastic change. Weirdly though, they almost always photograph red

  • I need a way to say this is incredibly sexy without being like “that’s incredibly sexy” in that creepy-internet style. Unique eyes/eye colours get me some kinda way. You’re lucky.

  • WITCH!!!

  • Can you see alright with that eye?

  • Does it always look like this or do the colors shift around?

  • What am I attracted to your eye? Doctor?

  • What about your other eye? Is it half and half too or is it normal? If it’s half and half too, does that make it full heterchromia?

  • Can this cause any changes in vision or is it purely cosmetic?

  • My brother has an eye just like that.

  • Difference is beautiful.

  • Max Scherzer (pitcher for the Washington Nationals) has this.

  • that’s really cool

  • Your eye is super cool

  • My daughter has the exact same thing.

  • Beautiful!

  • I have this as well! My left eye is 50/50 brown and green, and my right is 75 brown and 25 green. Because of where the colors are placed it’s hard to see unless I’m in direct lighting, but it’s freaked out/impressed several doctors who’ve had to look at my eyes for one reason or another.

  • I’ve got that as well, blue and brown!

  • My father has the same. His is horozontal. Top is green, bottom is brown.

  • My SO has this, it’s soooo cool.


  • I have just about the same variety of sectoral heterochromia as you. My slice of brown pie is a little smaller though.

  • I’ve always loved this!

  • And a fantastic eyebrow.

  • Can’t wait to have this once I get ahold of CRISPR

  • I have central heterochromia! Mine radiates from the middle of the pupil outward to the edge of the iris. I think all the forms of heterochromia are so interesting

  • Hi lumine!

  • That looks fucking awesome tbh

  • I have the same thing with the same colours, is your other eye fully green?

  • Beautiful eye! I probably wouldn’t have ever noticed in person! And I like to think I have an eye for detail too! I’d give my right eye to have an eye like that! Curious to what’s the cause… I’ll just peruse the comments and cross the t’s dot the…er…. lower case j’s. πŸ˜‰

  • Red and green in one eye…. BLUE IN THE OTHER!!!! /s

  • My mom has this

  • Beautifull πŸ˜‰

  • I have the exact same thing though not at all as impressive.

  • This is really cool. My wife has a similar feature, hers are brown all around the center and hazel all around that.

  • Idk whatever I have is called, but one of my eyes is green and the other is brown. People I’ve known since fourth grade will randomly be like “Whoa, what’s up with your eye”. But I’ve never seen this, so good for you

  • Your eye is a babe

  • That’s beautiful

  • I hope you use your super powers for good and not evil

  • I have also blue with a bit of brown my grandma has it also its supposed to skip a generation

  • Hey me too!

  • Jeepers Creepers where’d you get those eyes πŸ‘€

  • If you want a celebrity example, [Dominic Sherwood ](http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1286605568/nm4123601) from the TV series Shadowhunters and the Vampire Academy movie has partial heterchromia

  • OP is a girl, to the front page

  • All my eye has is a paralyzed muscle.

  • What have I then? My eyes are grey, getting bluer to the inside, with brown and green dots everywhere. Beat that!

  • Same here. One of my eyes is blue-green, but it’s unfortunately barely noticeable.

  • I didn’t realize that’s what I had! My eyes will change between blue and green, a lot of times splitting in some way or another.

  • das cool

  • My optometrist has this! I think she’s perfect for the role. great makeup by the way! You look great!

  • Without context, this would be a post with comments of people sharing pictures of their collection of eyes.

  • I have partial heterchromia. Ask me anything

  • Too interesting, please remove

  • Would that be the same if you had a brown inner ring surrounded by Green.

  • I have hazel eyes but both of them have half rings of blue around each. It’s much more apparent in one than the other

  • Oh cool! I have heterochromia too πŸ™‚

  • yo jo2suke !

  • My third eye is pink …

  • I sort of have this. Not a prevalent but nonetheless it’s still noticeable. My eyes are green with spots of brown around my eye. It’s pretty cool.

  • I have this in my left eye. It’s about 3/5 blue and 2/5 hazel/brown. It always fun when someone finally notices it.

  • Me too!

  • Just amazing colors!!
    The difference between two colors fluctuate with the light or not??
    In fact you have beautiful eye(s)!!

  • woah I have this too. Mine is more two rings vs. side-by-side.

    After looking this up, I always thought it was totally normal.

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