I have Ordinal Linguistic Personification, a type of synesthesia where numbers, letters, etc. have personalities. AMA!

Aside from OLP, I also have Grapheme-Colour synesthesia, where numbers, letters, months and days all have associated colours. And I have sequence -> spacial location synesthesia where many things have distinct locations where they exist, for example the number 10 is on a little pedestal above the single digit numbers.

I have a picture of my Synesthesia Battery test [here](https://imgur.com/a/CH4z1).

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  • What letter is the biggest bitch?

  • Has your synesthesia caused any major hindrances in your life? What are some of the very minor frustrations caused by it? Have there been any unexpected pros to having synesthesia?

  • Whose is the nicest number? Oh and the rudest letter?

  • I have a somewhat mild form of this as well. Numbers have colors/temperments, sounds have colors/textures. Ideas have their own conglomeration of moving colors.

    It’s all “imaginary” but consistently there. Kinda like a hidden track constantly playing along with my other senses, sometimes I notice more than others.

    Would you say that your experience is similar, or is yours truly visual in a color overlay of your ordinary vision?

  • If you associate a person with a certain number or letter, does that change your perception of that person? For example, if he wore shirts with the number 4 on them.

  • Why are all prime numbers the *Best* numbers?

    Why are negative integers all assholes?

    Do rational numbers make your palms sweat?

    I know these are disturbing questions, but I need to know.

  • Awesome. Is 9 a bit like 6? What is a green number or letter. Do you see extra colors? Thanks for posting. Very cool.

  • Were you diagnosed with these disorders by a medical professional or just via an internet website by yourself?

  • One of the main strategies used for identified memory masters is to assign a visual image with a personality to a number in order to remember it: (1) are you able to recall large multidigit numbers easily? (2) Also, I believe you said that your condition is not associated with sound, but do you ever feel that you are in some way in communication with the numbers, that in some sense they speak to you? Thanks.

  • If you could remove a letter or number and never have to see it again, which one would it be? Does any of the letters give you a bad feeling (anxiety, anger, shame..)?

  • Have you always had synesthesia? When did you realize that this was not something that everyone experienced?

    (Sorry for bombarding you with questions, I find the whole concept of synesthesia incredibly fascinating!)

  • Which numbers, letters, months and days are orange in color?

  • What personality does 42 have?

  • What are the numbers like when you add, divide, multiply, and subtract?

  • If this is real, how do you feel having a more interconnected brain than other people; are there any benefits?

    Are there any detrimental physical effects? Auras? Trails? Memory triggers based on cross-effective stimuli?

    How do logographic symbols trigger your senses? Is there a logo™ that upsets you?

  • What is your favourite letter?

  • Does change the mood of movie posters and stuff by a noticeable amount? Especially posters with specific letters as a main focus like XXX(return of xander cage) or Avengers(a lot of posters have a focus on the A)

  • do any drugs or altered mental states have any effect on the synesthesia?

  • What’s the sexiest number and the sexiest letter?

    What’s 0 like?

    Do alphabets in other languages also have personalities? What about Roman numerals?

  • What house number do you live on and how does it make you feel? Would there be a number that would be perfect for you?

    Also as a final question, does your age affect your personality? Like when you turn 66 you will be an unstoppable bitch?

  • What do you think of infinity?

  • What are your thoughts on the number 3?

  • I think 5 is very angry. How about you?

  • If you are looking at a piece of paper with the number 6 written on it, and then rotate the paper so it “becomes” a 9, how does that transition appear to you? Does the same happen with M and W? Thanks! Very interesting to read.

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