• *I have a dream that my four little mobile devices will one day live in a network environment where they will not be judged by the color of their protective cases, but by the content of their flash storage.*

  • I suspect that this pun works much better in places where this is pronounced “root-er,” as opposed to the typical American pronunciation of “r-ow-ter.”

  • Oh come on… not going with Modem Luther King?

  • It doesn’t work when you pronounce that word as “rowter”

  • Does anyone pronounce router “rooter”? This upsets me more than it should..

  • He’s seen the *promised* **LAN**!

  • Meh

  • An excellent public speaker. His speeches are as well known as the ones given by Abraham Linksys.

  • have some respect for the dead, damn

  • Martin Luther Ping.

  • Let me empatize, if you have heard about MITM this is the most exposed way. Doesnt help to have https.

  • I prefer Router Roddy Piper, rolls off the tongue nicely.

  • Well, you are in Germany/Austria, so it is actually “Here is my 95 complaints about the internet.”

  • neighbour? is that you?


  • Oh shit bruh do you live in berlin? Thats my Wi-Fi’s name

  • Studentenwohnheim Passau ?

  • I dream of free wifi for all…

  • For a moment I was shocked thinking you’d be in my apartment complex and had to check for ThomsonD6483A. Thankfully you seem to be somewhere else.

  • Jr

  • Malcolm X-finity

  • Martin Lube her thing. We all have different dreams.

  • Based on all the stupid news stories I’ve read this week I have determined this is cultural appropriation. You should be ashamed.


    Yeah, its sarcasm.

  • Look out for James Ethernet Ray

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