I had to paint a still life for an online art class, so I made this.

I had to paint a still life for an online art class, so I made this.

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  • Well that’s all well and good but why don’t you show us the painting?

  • [More gaming artwork](http://imgur.com/a/OYL17)

  • Wow, this is amazing! I had to zoom in to make sure it wasn’t your reference picture. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Excuse my language.


    Ok, proceed with your day as usual. Thank you.

  • “Only Smash Bros. Game” oil on canvas, 2017

  • If only I have a talent like this…

  • dude. im actually blown away. nice work

  • I bet you up-smashed that test.

  • Please make prints of this!

  • I love modern art that actually takes artistic talent. This is better than a lot of things I have seen in museums. Not sure if it is intended but this speaks volumes of popular culture and has a clear message.

  • Lol well done.

  • I see a monkey face in the mug.. is that intentional? Awesome work!

  • What school? I’m curious

  • Is that one of those classes where you make the check out to the teachers name?

  • I think we have the same mug

  • Mario looks a little funny on the game cover but besides that it’s great

  • Too good

  • Took me a second to figure it out but this is awesome man!

  • You guys ever look at something so good you get mad at OP because you have no talent?

  • I see you have some Iced Tea there in that mug. 😉

  • I love it.

  • What is the significance of the crushed can of coke vs the 3/4 full mug of beer?

  • Great painting… so what’s the inspiration?

  • Hey, that’s pretty goood.

  • This is beautiful. The hyper realism at the fore, the soft focus is the back. The nod to cartoons with the color and texture of the controllers. The way you got the crumpled coke can just so.


  • The lighting on the crumpled soda can is amazing.

  • 0/10 Link is missing from the cover.

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