I go under /u/nicgentile I build underground ISPs, CDNs and Data Centres in Africa that are censorship free. AMA.

I obviously can’t share my real name, cause of the fuzz, but I build underground ISPs, CDNs, and Data Centres in Africa. We connect the unconnected, those who are not deemed financially viable by governments or operators, guys looking for a peaceful place to watch HD content cause they don’t have access or can’t afford video services like Netflix etc, that is censorship free. I recently posted [my project](https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/comments/6immtg/my_underground_made_in_africa_homelab_details_in/) on /r/homelab, and added [bits](http://imgur.com/a/iRHx9) more today and many people asked me to come do an AMA, so lets do this thing. Ask me anything.

P.S. Be mindful of what you say (not ask, you can ask anything), in my world, bad things happen to people like me who are basically rebellious. The monster is real here and I’ve already been nicked twice for this thing. Thanks.

Proof – http://imgur.com/v1Q1cFi

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  • Hi! Thank you for this AmA! Hope you won’t get in trouble…
    Here are some questions:

    1) What services do you host in your DCs?

    2) How much bandwith do you produce?

    3) How many users do you connect?

    4) Do they have access to the internet? If yes, over which uplink?

    5) Are your networks/DCs/CDNs interconnected?

    6) Who pays for the equipment?

  • Very interesting AMA. 🙂

    What networking equipment do you use for your services?

  • How many years in prison would you get?

  • How did you go about leasing/laying cabling without causing suspicion?

  • what is your experience with the deep web?

  • can you monitor all the traffic? how much porn is there as a percentage of all traffic?

  • Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Darth Plaugeis the Wise?

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