I gave blood for the first time ever.

I gave blood for the first time ever.

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  • What took you so long slacker haha

  • What do you want a cookie? Seriously, eat the cookie. Thanks for helping others out by donating blood.

  • This summer, I was in Africa to boulder (Rocklands) for 10 weeks. 5 weeks in, the vineyard owner (whose land we stay on) told me my sister called. Turns out my Mummy had a brain aneurysm, in Utah, 32 hours away. I panicked, flew home, and she survived from the aneurysm, but there were many dark days in the hospital where we just weren’t sure if her body would heal. She needed blood many times, and I was so happy that it was just there for her… ALL THE TIME. People who didn’t even know my Mom were giving her life, their bodies were interconnected. A healthy body was able to help sustain a dying one, and it struck me. I, being deathly afraid of needles, went in to the donation center on Wednesday and made it through 30 minutes of giving blood. My boyfriend and I had practiced for that moment for a month. He would talk me through what would happen, and pretend to poke me with a needle (it seems silly, but that’s how terrified I was). I hope the blood I gave can go to help someone else’s Mommy someday too.

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  • You look so happy to do so.

  • Why did you give your blood for free so they can sell it for a high price to poor people?
    You know that’s what they do right?

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