• You’re a Lizard, Berry

  • Damn it, I want to believe you but I’m so skeptical haha

  • What about chips? https://imgur.com/6rdp44W

  • Is that lizard married?

    Edit: Oh!! The leg ring is water. Carry on.

  • Now try stacking lizards on top of a berry

  • good … dog?

  • I love how proud it looks.

    “That’s right. Two blueberries on three raspberries. Ain’t nobody better than me.”

  • Lizard Berry sounds like it could be the next monster energy drink flavor.

  • I hope that isn’t a skewer! If not, kudos!

  • Berry nice work

  • The real question that no one is asking is what is this mythical reptile’s name

  • 🙂

  • It’s like 10 Apples Up On Top

  • I’ve been thinking of expanding my err.. Animal family with a beardie this might have convinced me

  • That is not a lizard, that is a dragon.

    His name is Tad Cooper.

  • He’s better than Ulong the pancake rabbit!

  • Ugh . . I want to see the berry carnage aftermath 😭

  • He looks smug about it lol

  • In before toothpick

  • R/rockbalancing

  • Bro there is a stick going through the fruit who are u fooling

  • Interesting.

  • Well played.

  • F

  • Is the lizard scared? Or does it really just not care at all? It seems like letting something mess with you would not be beneficial in the wild.

  • I did this with mine, but lost the pictures 🙁

  • OP used Super Glue

  • I challenge you to post something original instead of a repost with the same fucking title.

  • Ok but you have to find a lizard. That is a bearded dragon so you lose already.

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