I attempted a fall photo shoot with my puppy today and she wanted no part of it…

I attempted a fall photo shoot with my puppy today and she wanted no part of it…

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  • Idk, I’d say you nailed it

  • This collage is exactly what owning a puppy is like. They just fuck with you, and shit all over everything. But you still love them.

  • Aww so close!

    Ohh, amazing photo!

    Aww so close!

    And.. now it’s pooping.

    Puppy confirmed! Well done OP

  • looks like after a good hard play your puppy was pooped!

  • The only fall I see is dog poop fall.

  • She’s very natural in that last one.

  • In the words of Austin Powers “YES, YES, YES, NO!

  • That’s a huge poop

  • If it were me, I would frame the second pic and hang it up. I think it’s super cute

  • Photog here, 2 and 3 are good shots.

    Generally the goals are get two eyes visible, don’t crop out any limbs, and get low on their level, so.

    Only advice I might have is next time try to play/tire her out before doing the photos and try to keep the horizon level.

  • Lmao

  • The best pictures capture the personality not just the cuteness , great pictures.

  • I take nature shots and in most of them, if you look closely, you’ll see my dog pooping.

    It’s all about the composition.

  • thanks for the photo of your dog shitting

  • /r/zoomies

  • Ahah reminds me of the amazing foggy morning fall photos I was taking one year. George our photos until I noticed my dog photobombing one….

  • I know it’s gross but I think puppies pooping is the cutest thing.

  • looks like he pooped on your plans.

  • Not today, maybe another day.

  • That 4th pic is just shitty.

  • Grab her favorite toy, tell her to sit (or lay down or whatever position you want), and hold the toy next to the camera while you take the picture.

  • I like the picture where the dog takes a shit.

  • Pupper, pupper, pupper, pooper

  • Pooper pupper

  • That sideways look!

  • Upper right is great. Lower left looks like an album cover. And the poop one just made me laugh.

  • Suitable for framing.

  • Haha. The last photo could kill me

  • Maple and gwinny always made the best models for my seasonal doggy photo shoots

  • Finally a photo I can get behind…

  • Picture 2 is best

  • Finally a relatable puppyshoot. I see all these pictures people take here of their pups staying perfectly still and in awesome poses and mine just wants to go run around and eat leaves. No way to keep it still.

  • Thank you for sharing a picture of your dog pooing?

  • /r/ExpectationVsReality/

  • Well at least the pupper’s stool looks healthy. So there’s that…..yeah

  • She is already a natural with action shots! Great job!!

  • The photo on the top right looks beautiful

  • Maybe she did like the photo, but she just like to make fun of you lol

  • This is what you get when you take a camera and not a ball.

  • is this loss

  • I gotta poop!

  • One of those pictures is shit.

  • That last picture is giving me a stye in my eye…

  • That’s a huge poopy

  • why is her tail completely straightened when she is pooping?

  • [deleted]

  • Lol is she dropping a deuce in the 4th pic

  • Someone please explain this political compass to me.

    Edit: I get that bottom right is a dogshit ideology.

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