[I Ate] Steamed Seafood Feast

[I Ate] Steamed Seafood Feast

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  • That love looks good…where dis be at?!

  • That’s my fuckin jam right there. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Wow how many people was this for?

  • Old Bay Seasoning and cold beer with that…….perfect.

  • Nice Shrimps tasty tasty…..Wonderfullllllllllll.

  • I love a good steamed ham

  • Sea-corn

  • I was gunna ask what steamed sea animal the corn was

  • Was the shrimp Sandy? It doesnt seem de-veined

  • Needs more butter

  • I’m not hungry but damn…

  • Vibrio Vibrio Vibrio. I’d still eat it tho.

  • Want! Are the oysters steamed too, or raw?

  • its midnight here and now you’ve made me hungry… looks delicious, I love seafood!

  • This looks fantastic man! I love food like this.

  • Thats a weird looking fish at the bottom.

  • Looks delicious Btw was it spicy

  • I am coming

  • To a crab, this just looks like a twisted graveyard of people parts.

  • Healthy but plain.

  • Awe man, have you heard about what fishing is doing to our oceans? I hate to be that person but I think we all need to start thinking about what the consequences are of certain foods.

  • I’ve had better

  • Thats a nice big plate of death

  • Love having one of these once a year but Jesus Christ the scariest part is waking up with your pillow stuck to you, back aching and first drink of water tastes so fucking good but it’s water so mind trick triggered by possible thirst of water.

    Doesn’t help to have a beer with these either

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