[I Ate] Pear Ice Cream

[I Ate] Pear Ice Cream

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  • Is there a picture of what it looks like inside? Texture looks so smooth, makes me wonder if the ice cream was wrapped in icing or something. Looks delicious!

  • I’ve heard the whole this-is-a-pear-shaped-ice-cream trick more than once. I know wasabi when I see it and tears will soon fall at your expense.

  • i want to see what your insides look like

  • Plot twist: it’s a real pear.

  • I wonder how close to a pear this tastes.

    OP we need a pic of the inside & where you got this.

  • You silly fool, this is not ice cream, it’s a pear! Oh you jokester you!

  • So where is the Ice cream?

  • And the flavor was unpearable.

  • What’s the smaller plate for?

  • Why was it served on a non-stick frying pan?

  • Where was this?

  • What? No comment relating to Master chef yet?

    100 Steps and you too can make it!

  • Jesus we need a video!

  • Was it pear-fect?

  • *Insert Rick Ross joke here*

  • See, this is what I’m talking about!

    I cooked at a place in New Orleans that served foie gras and kumquats. The foie was formed to look like kumquats and dipped in a kumquat glaze. The servers were constantly told that we forgot the foie. It looked like a plate of nicely plated citrus. Shut up and eat you dunce!

    Edit: words

  • I would like to try the watermelon ice cream, please.

  • I have never wanted anything more than I want this right now.

  • It looks like a candle!

  • It apPEARs to be a normal piece of fruit.

  • How the hell is this ice cream? Lol

  • What does it taste like?

  • I sat here looking at it, waiting for it to move or find an image of what’s inside.

  • You can see the line doesn’t go all the way up in the same direction
    So it’s not likely a mold line

  • OP just took picture of a pear and labeled it as ice cream, well played.

  • shoutout to all the pears

  • moneyshot?

  • Wow, this ice cream is so…….cool…ha. 🙂 awesome!

  • Delicious sweet smooth icecream…..Excellenttttttttttttttt.

  • “Shout out to all the pears”

  • Wow, Took me a minute


  • Would this go under the humor category? Looks like just a pear. Seems like poking fun at the people who post the [I Ate] posts. Cuz we wanna see what the inside looks like.

  • Why does it look like its in a skillet?

  • Are you sure you didn’t eat a candle?

  • I think they hard froze soft pear ice cream in a silicone mold. Def chocolate chip on top.

  • Isn’t that called a double scoop?

  • Aesthetic

  • It’s really cool and all but they missed a chance to fuck with guests heads by making it any other flavour

  • Wha? Looks incredicle

  • Looks like wax

  • Appearently this is pretty cool

  • OP is Rick Ross!

  • That Is A Pear

  • Am like where is the IC?

  • One bite please?

  • Canada?

  • What flavour is it ? 😀

  • Wow, couldn’t find a difference between natural and this apple

  • You should look at Cedric Grolet’s work on fruit-shaped dessert. It’s magnificent

  • I want this.

  • It looks like a real pear! So cute!

  • Cool!!! Very unique and interesting

  • This is kinda uncomfortable

  • This looks ridiculously incredible !

  • I thought it was a gif. Was waiting for the spoon to scoop a bite

  • KOI?

  • Isn’t this just a pear? Am I missing something?

  • I think OP just took a pic of a pear and posted it

  • Wait What?

  • [deleted]

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