[I Ate] many Cannolis

[I Ate] many Cannolis

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  • How many?

  • Looks great, but cannoli is already plural!

  • Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  • Holy Cannoli


  • Did you take them on your hiking trip with your bros that you’ve known since second grade?

    Even if you’re not a Weezer fan, these look amazing!

  • In north beach, SF by chance?

  • I’m so hungry now… Fuck.

  • Bota bingggggg

  • Beautiful photo

  • Cannolis are fucking amazing

  • Every time I have tried one of these they are hard as a rock. Is that normal?

  • Holy cannoli!

  • You lucky lucky lucky lucky did I say lucky bastard

  • *Ruffles potato chips wrapped in wheat pancakes

  • Cannolo*

  • I’d eat one, but then I’d be reminded of a beautiful violinist and a handsome pianist….

  • I love those things, but wow, they look incredible!

  • I heard of them, and I’d love to try them, but so far i have not found a restaurant offering them. Not even at the Italians around here – one I asked said they don’t do them due to low demand.

  • Obewan Cannoli.

  • I think you spelled “calories” wrong 馃檨

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