[I ate] Lobster garlic noodles

[I ate] Lobster garlic noodles

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  • More lobster than noodles


  • The secret is butter, and ungodly amount of butter. Better go running tomorrow to unclog those arteries.

    Source: from the kitchen of ppq dungeness in SF.

  • What did the noodles taste like — what kind of seasonings were used here? Almost looks like Singapore noodles with copious quantities of lobster.

  • This looks so good omg

  • Looks like garlic lobster with a garnish of noodles to me.

    Not that I’m complaining. This is the perfect ratio IMO.

  • It’s served with the shell still on the lobster?

  • I hate lobster but this looks hella tasty

  • I’d EAT that whole platter and wash it down with a family sized quart of soup. Looks Amazing.

  • I need

  • My god am I hungry now.

  • It’s.. staring at me

  • This looks delicious.

  • That looks fucking delicious, hope you enjoyed!

  • Nothing beats Garlic bread tho

  • Looks so good. Reminds me of the garlic noodles and crab from Thahn Long.

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