[I Ate] beer battered cod and chips with minted garden peas & tartare sauce

[I Ate] beer battered cod and chips with minted garden peas & tartare sauce

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  • I miss living in England 🙁

  • I miss England :(. And their whale sized fish and chips.

    I didn’t try minted peas while over there. Next time…

  • Served on a fish shaped plate!

  • At least tell me you had Malt Vinegar with it. One of my least favorite things ever is when I order fish and chips and they don’t have any vinegar.

  • Guess who else thinks beer battered fish and chips is the best food on the planet? A certain Marco Piere White, who has said in the past when he ditched the Michelin crew he was thinking about opening a chippy!

    Side 1:- Best fish supper I had recently was bizarrely at Hong Kong rugby club. Best fish supper ever was at The Ashvale (Aberdeen, Scotland) and their famous whale.

    Side 2:- In a restaurant it’s fine to have the fish on top of the chips. If you get a delivery I recommend getting the fish and chips in separate wrapping, otherwise fish batter can get soggy

    Side 3:- I just ordered a fish supper to be delivered, you bastards!

  • Best Fish & Chip Shop… The Magpie, Whitby. England.

  • You guys wanna argue, but all I want is that delicious fish & chips in my belly. It looks amazing.

    I don’t understand the addition of the peas, though…is that a regional thing?

  • That’s not nearly enough sauce.

  • That fish looks very nice. 🙂

  • So much downvoting and negativity here. It’s a plate of food. Sheesh.

  • Wtf…them peas aren’t mushy!

  • Just not the same when it’s not accompanied by a pint.

  • I made this post from 999 to 1K by voting

  • It’s not a proper fish and chips unless you eat it from a newspaper

  • Tartare is finely diced and seasoned raw meat, Tartar is what you have there.

  • Thank you, now I know what I want for dinner tonight!

  • Well, SO is getting a text requesting he pick up fish and chips on the way home tonight!

  • delicious! my moms birthday is coming up soon and I’m debating on getting the steak and peppercorn sauce or the fish & chips at our favourite spot! this is winning me over

  • What’s with the fish sitting on top of the chips? How are you supposed to get the salt and vinegar on the chips? Cheffy nonsense. And as others have said, the peas need to be mushy. Otherwise it looks ok I guess…

  • …What about mushy peas though? I LOVE mushy peas with fish and chips!

  • Traveled an hour each way to go to a chippie while I was in London. Was totally worth it. Twice the size/quality for half the price.

  • You ate fish and chips.

  • In Seattle there’s a food truck called Nosh. They serve this dish, huge piece of fish, minted mushy peas, chips. So good! I thought it was a pic of their food then saw the plate…..

  • What’s up with minted peas? Is it good? I live in America and I’ve seen this side on the interwebs so many times. Can someone who has had them tell me if it is worth making?

  • I would totally put that cod in my mouth !

  • oi!

  • Make sure everything is soggy by placing the fish on top of the chips. Just the way chip shops inexplicably do it.

  • That looks next level

  • Why are those peas not mushed?

  • Yes, but do you eat it with a knife and fork, or with your hands?

  • Looove fish and chips. Peas tho? Dunno

  • Never heard of minted peas. How are they, and is it really minty?

  • Before clicking your fish looked like a dinosaur.

  • crispy flaky goodness

  • ‘SPOONS!

  • So you went to a pub?

  • This is without any question or shadow of a doubt in the uk, I’m guessing a nice “foody pub” up north(ish) on the coast am I right?

  • I have no problems with peas vs mushy peas. And the fish and chips looks pretty good.

    (The really tricky thing with the fish is that the batter fries in the oil and the fish steams inside the batter. Most chippies in the U.K. don’t quite get this right. Only place I’ve been that consistently got it right was the Ivy Club in London, of all the ridiculous places – when I tried the fish and chips there it was an honest-to-goodness lightbulb moment, the dreary English skies parted and a shaft of light came down from heaven…)

    Anyway – I don’t get why they’re called “garden peas”. Are they different from, say, “field peas”? Is there a reason for the “garden” modifier?

  • Where are my mushy peas?!

  • I grew up calling them “green peas”, to distinguish them from other peas. Well, I did some digging and it seems there was originally a difference between “field peas” and “garden peas” going back at least a few hundred years. So it’s not some sort of affectation, as I had originally (cynically) thought (in this age of meaningless marketing adjectives).

  • Is it just me or does it look like the chips are a fingers trying to get out from under that fish?

  • You deserve a medal. Maybe tell us what you had for lunch too?

  • This is my fav meal at the fox !!!!

  • That’s some sexy looking battered cod.

  • Peas which are available in my country are always starchy. I don’t like the taste. I visited a friend in England and she ordered some peas. I tasted some and I immediately found out that they are really really good when fresh.

  • Missing the dressing and gravy on your fee and chee

  • That’s called fish and chips dude. Not that special.

  • This!!

  • What are the green tiny balls to the right of the fish?

  • Why is the fish *on* the chips? What right minded person would do that!?

    Edit: autocorrect hates me.

  • The visible side dish of vegetables is where it all goes wrong for me.

  • Fuck peas.

  • Have you ever had peas not from a garden?

  • Where are the chips? I only see French fries? 🙂

  • More importantly. What’s up with the boiled cauliflower in a separate vegetable dish? Britain and its culinary blandness with vegetables.

  • Fried cod with french fries and peas. You’re not on hells kitchen.

  • That batter looks way too heavy

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