[I ate] a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a sesame bagel

[I ate] a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a sesame bagel

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  • There is a little walk up burger joint across the street from where I work. They make a bacon egg and cheese bagel. I used to eat one every morning, when I changed shifts I lost 20lbs. Goddamn I miss those.

  • I just got bacon egg on croissant in the airport, that shit didn’t have cheese on it. NO CHEESE? Shit was dry. Eggs were scalded too. Smdh. This looks much better.

  • Needs more bacon

  • Which city/town?

  • Bacon egg and cheese on a bagel is the GOAT breakfast.

  • W/ SPK!

  • How does this have 4k upvotes this is literally what i eat for breakfast every other day

  • Now do pork roll, egg and cheese on a kaiser bun

  • Change out the bacon for pork roll to elevate that sandwich into the stratosphere.

  • 7k upvotes for something you can get on every corner in NJ? Cmon now.

  • “Cheese”

  • So does everyone else in the country.. Why not just post a bowl of cornflakes 😄

  • Sausage,egg and cheese on a poppy seed bagel is where it’s at. The poppy seeds give it a really cool crunch

  • looks delicious. im just baffled that so many ny/jersey/east coast people think this is just a regional thing….ive been able to get a BEC bagel almost everywhere ive been in the country

  • Man I miss Jersey sometimes.

  • CHeese, Cheese, Cheese, with a little bacon, a little egg, and a little sesame bagel.

  • Idk about you guys, but melted cheese is one of most beautiful sights on earth… Maybe I just like food too much.

  • Ok…

  • Ok?

  • [deleted]

  • I currently have a really bad sore throat making it almost impossible to swallow, but I really want to eat this right now

  • This was AT LEAST a weekly meal where I’m from in jersey

  • Frank, give me a pork roll, egg and cheese, if you please with some gravy fries

  • I wish I would’ve known this was a thing. I could’ve taken that picture every day at 8 AM last week. NYC here.

  • You and everyone else

  • Is there something notable here? Being serious.

  • Wow, good for you. Let me go down the street and buy the exact same sandwich…

  • That looks like someone melted the fucking Simpsons.

  • Why is this on the front page? It doesn’t even look appetising.

  • this looks so mediocre, i don’t get it.

  • Its a fucking egg bagel. Fuck this sub.

  • Bacon egg and cheese on an onion bagel is where it’s at.

  • This is #1 because everyone is hungover, right? Shit, that “cheese” looks like mustard pudding.

  • Pretty much my favorite breakfast food. I miss this in the morning. They don’t make it where I live now.

  • Looks dry

  • Did you get it from the bodega on Nostrand and Flushing?

  • How dare you post this on a Sunday morning when you KNOW I’m hungover and this is all I want.

  • That bagel is waaaaay too small for my jersey standards

  • the quality of this subreddit has really gone downhill

  • Dunkin Donuts has a two for $5 on bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel/croissant. I get them like every morning

  • I haven’t eat a bagel yet, so pls forgive my ignorance. But what is the purpose of it? How is it different than a bun? This whole in the middle seems inconvenient.

  • I live in Philly and I am consistently so confused when people consider a bagel a special thing. Bagels are like water for me. I pretty much just have to consume them or I die.

  • Missing the pork roll!

  • Looks good, but I don’t care for my breakfast sandwiches on bagels. Bagels are pretty hard and when you bite in it tends to push everything out.

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