I am Charles Busch, playwright/actor/director/novelist and drag legend. Ask me anything. Oy vey!

**My short bio:** CHARLES BUSCH is the author and star of such plays as The Divine Sister, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, The Tribute Artist and The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, which ran for nearly two years on Broadway and received a Tony nomination for Best Play. He wrote and starred in the film versions of his plays, Psycho Beach Party and Die Mommie Die, the latter of which won him the Best Performance Award at the Sundance Film Festival. He is a two-time MAC award winner and has performed his cabaret act in many cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris and New York. His CD of his play Judith of Bethulia is available on Roven Records.

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  • I love your work. Die, Mommie, Die is a great film. But my favorite is your novel Whores of Lost Atlantis. It would be a fabulous movie. I know many of the characters are based on real people; how much of Don Caspar and the furniture moving story is based on a true story?

  • I recently saw you in Cleopatra and just loved it! I was also lucky enough to see you in the stage version of Die Mommie Die, one of my favorite movies. What do you have coming next for stage or screen?

  • When I was a teenager there was a book of your plays in our drama class and I desperately wanted to perform excerpts from “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” in regional drama competitions but my teacher forbade it. Somehow though I was allowed to do a two person of “Psycho Beach Party.” So I want to say thank you for burdening me with a fetish for surfers, for life. Fortunately there is plenty of surfer themed gay porn.

    What do you think Angela Arden would say in response to what’s going on in American politics in 2017?

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  • Are you happy?

  • Charles, what is your favorite Garbo film?

  • I just finished a draft of a musical I think you might have some interest in. Would you read it?

    BTW, I saw Red Scare On Sunset last month. First time I saw you perform live! 🤗

  • Charles! I love your work. I’ve seen so many of your productions from Die!, Mommy, Die! at the Coast Playhouse and, most recently, Red Scare on Sunset. What first attracted to you to the screen persona of Norma Shearer and what was the first of her films that you saw?

  • Mr Busch! I am in the cast doing Allergist’s Wife in Cape May NJ! We open tonight and couldn’t be more excited. Our questions are:

    How many is too many colonoscopies?

    Who is Lee inspired by in your life (if anyone)?

    Do you commune with your doorman?

  • Hi Charles!! I have had the pleasure of performing as La Condessa and Marvel Ann in two of your fabulous plays. More recently, I have seen a production of Psycho Beach Party where no one performed in drag and I felt the play lacked in humor and lost a great deal of the camp. Question: Do you feel the drag should be mandatory in such works?

  • Charles, I remember years ago Phillip S and I saw your version of stage door canteen. Just wonderful. The time is ripe for a revival. Any thoughts?

  • Mr. Bursch! You and Julie Halston awarded me a Best Costume Award at the Theatre for the New City Halloween event in 1980…and life has been, well, downhill ever since….can I still turn things around at age 64?

  • Hi Mr Busch, I first saw you in the documentary “Dragtime” when I was 12. You spoke of your influences being ladies of the silver screen. How do you think the influences of drag have changed and do you feel younger drag performers adequately understand/appreciate the history of drag?

    Thank you for your wonderful work and dedication to your craft.

  • I enjoy your YouTube videos in which you play Miriam Passman. Did a particular performer inspire you to create that character who pursues a singing career without much positive reinforcement from others?

  • Did you cast Thomas Gibson in Psycho Beach Party based on his role in Love & Human Remains?

  • What was something funny that happened during Oz?

  • Would you rather see two dogs share a plate of spaghetti or one cat try to grab a fish tied to a ceiling fan?

  • Potato/potato?

  • Good day, Mr. Busch!

    I’m a huge fan of your work. I also was lucky enough to perform in a local production of Psycho Beach Party just before the film was released (and rapidly became one of my all-time favorites). My questions relate to that: were there any particular challenges getting the film produced or securing funds? How did you find such a stellar and committed cast? Finally, do you remember the film fondly?

    Also, I love catching your episode of Say Yes to the Dress regularly. It makes my week! Love you!

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