[Humor] She’s just not into you

[Humor] She’s just not into you

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  • Poor Jean, he tries so hard.

  • Oh my God, a talking horse !

  • You know if Eren said that she’d be blessing like crazy. Got to say, I don’t ship Jean and Mikasa so much but I can totally see them ending up together. Isayama could very easily pull a “Fruits Basket” and have the main female character not end up with the one it looked like she was destined with from the start.

  • I love you Jean

  • You know that joke?
    A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says “Fuck off Jean.”

  • I’m using my flair for posts like this one.

  • Someone recently started watching the show and told me that Jean reminded them of me (they just started season one, so mostly this means that I’m a pretty cynical bastard, who’s kind of an asshole but ultimately cares about people). Now I feel disproportionately invested in anything involving Jean. I was really worried he was going to get got during the last few episodes of season 2. Basically, what I’m trying to say is I have a crush on Mikasa, but she also scares me a little bit, and I think I’m into it.

  • Poor jean, Nice try though

  • Jean turning into Bertholdt.

  • Third panel. Confused disgust, writ large.


    “Actually there’s 46..”

    OH..THAT’S RIGHT. I FORGOT お ま え は か わ い ^—^💧

    “..That’s still only 43, and you spelled kawaii wro–”


  • 9/10 missed chance for last pic to be a horse face.

  • Isn’t there another version of this?

  • Now replace Mikasa with Eren and Jean with Mikasa

    Spoiler: nothing changes

  • Should’ve tagged it “Cringe Alert”

  • “you say your fine, but your not fine”

  • “I’m not into guys with vaginas.”

    *sound of Jean’s dignity shattering*

    — Attack on Titan Abridged, TFS

  • I didn’t get it.

  • r i p

  • I honestly don’t think he’d be bold enough to say that to her

  • She ain’t worth the heartache Jean.

  • Yeah, I don’t ship Jean and Hitch would be wholly great, actually.

  • Do they use Latin alphabet inside the walls tho

  • Incorrect.

    Its “Hey, do you know how many letters are in the alphabet?”

    “Yeah, its twenty-”

    “TWENTY FIVE, ill give you the D later”

  • I keep seeing a lot of these shitty posts these days.

    Can’t you come up with something better at your call centre?


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