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  • I think BIO-MIMICRY is the wave of the future. We’re talking about robots that are built with elliptical mechanics designed to mimic the musculature, balance and speed of a running cheetah. See HRMC Robotics research in Florida for details on that.

    The structure of our brains should be used as a model for A.I. because this will make interacting with A.I. more meaningful to us. Our brains are also highly efficient computers even though we don’t know how to utilize our brains to a maximized potential. I mean the idea of “Limitless”(2001). Not that we don’t use 100% of our brain power but that we don’t make most efficient use of our brains. A.I. might be able to tell us how to do that.

    Finally, the design of our vehicles might be best if patterned after sharks which are beautifully built for speed and efficiency in water. If space is not a vacuum then perhaps a bio-mimicked shark design might be a better build of the Star Trek Enterprise than what we currently see on screen.

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