• “Moist Owlette”

  • Alternatively, “how to lose a finger”.

  • “This isn’t even my final form” – owl

  • r/superbowl

  • Hoothoot is evolving!

  • Hehe, our cockatiels do this too. They love getting sprayed


  • Urge to kill, rising…

  • “How To Activate Kill Mode On An Owl”

  • That’s some of the most sinister looking shit I’ve ever seen.

  • It looks angry as fuck

  • TIL reddit has no concept of bird baths

  • Rehydrating a dried owl

  • **How To Fly An Owl:**

    Step 1. Begin spritzing the owl with water to extend the wings and tilt the body in a forward facing take off position.

    Step 2. Fly the fucking owl.

  • A blooming owl!

  • A lot of people think the owl is mad but it’s quite comfortable.

    Stress behaviors would be standing upright, staring down the person, putting those tufts way up, and possibly clacking the beak or winking one eye, and also possibly increased breathing rate or bating (flying off) from the perch.

    However, a lot of the time small owls, being not only predators but prey items themselves due to their small size, internalize their stress and just stare wide-eyed at a stressor and slick their feathers down.

    Thaaaaat being said, this little white-faced owl is very much enjoying the shower. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bonus: Here’s one of the Great Horneds I work with taking a shower of her own! She hopped into the ‘shower’ after taking a dip in her water pan.



  • That’s how they take baths, if they flatten their plumage they’re scared of water but if they floof up, they love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Source: I have 15+ birds. Floofiness galore lol.

  • Puff the Magic Owl

  • *Just add water

  • P O O F Y B O Y E

  • He’s going Super Saiyan.


  • This is the easiest the scariest thing I’ve seen today.

  • Owl intensifies

  • Nice job [stealing a front-page post from another sub with the same exact title.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superbowl/comments/77mg1w/how_to_puff_an_owl/)


  • Puff the rest of the fucking owl

  • kind of doesnt look like its enjoying that.

  • Place back in wild.

  • Don’t get them wet and don’t feed them after midnight.

  • What is this aqueous spittle, raining down me?….I shall unleash the gods of hellfire upon your soul.

  • **Owling intensifies*

  • *And get it to charge at you

  • Jesus it’s evolving so it can absolutely fuck you up for spraying it with water.

  • That would puff me, too.

  • “Extending all flaps.”

  • I get the impression he doesnโ€™t much care for that

  • This owl is charging up his final attack

  • They’re ascended from being dinosaurs. Now, this is a dragon.

  • It’s powering up

  • Similar to how a tampon works!

  • Water daily and watch him grow.


  • And whatever you do, do NOT feed them after midnight …

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