How to pick up girls in 2017

How to pick up girls in 2017

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  • Sideshow Bob: Origins

  • Come on over to my storage unit, girl.

  • *throws away yoyo*

  • I see Kaep has lots of free time after busting out of the NFL.

  • Did danny sexbang have a child?

  • Is that Zero?

  • If that impressed her, she was probably already into him

  • Winner Winner Fidget Spinner

  • Dusts off my old hackey sack

  • WET

  • There will come a time, not too many years from now, when conversations like this one will occur:


    “Hey, Dad, what’s this thing?”

    “Where did you find that?”

    “I was digging through the hall closet.”

    “You need better hobbies. Anyway, son, that’s your old man’s Fidget Spinner!”


    “No, son, that’s its real name. See? It spins!”


    “It has ball bearings in it, and…”

    “I didn’t ask *how*, I asked *why*. What’s the point? What’s it good for?”

    “Believe it or not, son, I wooed your mother with that Fidget Spinner.”

    “… Do I want to hear about this?”

    “Not like that! I just did tricks with it, and she was smitten.”

    “Ugh. So, basically, she was easily impressed by your junk.”

    “Exactly, son. *Exactly*.”

  • Danny Sexbang?

  • That chicks high af

  • I’m probably out of the loop fashionwise (or so my wife and kids say), but that hair and earring looked more like 1970 than 2017 to me, and I thought the spinner thing was a pink joint.

  • David Luiz got dem spinner skillz!

  • Nah it was the jean shorts

  • Oh David Luiz and his fidget spinners

  • Heard her panties dropping from here!

  • She’s wearing hoops kid didnt even need to show off…

  • Back in my day, we impressed girls with hacky sack skills.

  • Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

  • [How to pick up girls Stewie style](

  • David Luiz?

  • This is why I’m single; I need a fidget spinner

  • If they start making contests and people turn “pro” or start getting sponsored. Someone please contact r/suicidewatch for me.

  • I foresee an 18 year contract due to mental negligence.

  • Hey look it’s that Cordon Bleu guy from High School Musical?

  • Danny looks so young

  • David Luiz?

  • That’s a weed smoking spot if I ever dun seen one. She high.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • /r/GirlsMirin watch out, this mad lad is on his way to steal yo girl.

  • What is this, the fucking 1990’s?

  • Anyone born in the 80s notice fashion truly is cyclical.

  • “Your quick reflexes probably translate well to copulation.” – girl

  • Hyde & Jackie irl.

  • I don’t understand fidget spinners. That is incredibly easy to do.


  • Insta Wet

  • ohh shit, i thought she was getting a haircut. Wearing one of those sheet covers so you don’t get hair all over you when they cut it. none of it made any sense.

  • I hope this video makes a comeback in 2050 and people argue if this video is actually from 2017 or 1990 because of these kids and there clothing

  • > How to pick up ~~girls~~ 13 year old boys in 2017

  • [I think DudePerfect has him beat.](

  • Is it that easy nowadays? Man…. did I miss the boat.

  • Eric Andre used a similar skill to win the heart of Rosario Dawson

  • Blake?

  • Mayne start with a haircut

  • I love how he’s like “welp here we go again”

  • Sploosh

  • After this performance she will fidget spin his widget.

  • Antonio Conte to ban fidget spinners during pre season training.

  • David Silva

  • John is that you?

  • She looks like mid-90’s Lisa Bonet.

    So now I need a fidget spinner…

  • So… I can wear my Jorts again!?

  • Jean shorts though.

  • Drugs.

  • First thought was “Is that a hacky sack?”

  • David Luiz?

  • pretty sure that was last century XD

  • Being cute probably isn’t hurting his chances.

  • Well done David Luiz

  • He looks like Corbin Bleu

  • Is this Corbin Blues next movie?

  • Hair looks like an indoor plant that doesn’t get trimmed.

  • Last year it was “bottle flipping”, this year bounce a fidget spinner off your knee…

  • Goddamn, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

  • I see Zero has been busy

  • Damn Colin Capernick looks young.

  • I always knew that if we waited long enough there would be something dumber than pogs.

  • David Luiz?

  • It’s probably as easy as it looks.

  • I mean being super passionate about something and being good at it, no matter what it is (within reason) is really attractive.

  • I think that’s her birth control.

  • Or just flash some money around

  • “Hey baby, wanna Fidget Spin and chill tonight?”

  • Bigger the hoop, bigger the ho.

  • I am not amused young Afro-Ninja

  • Yo I thought that was Corbin Bleu

  • Thought that was David Luiz

  • you don’t need those mad skills to pick up girls if you have hair like that

  • Haircut and clean shave as well as clean clothes are so old-fashioned now.

  • Not even difficult… Kids are so easily impressed

  • I’ve watched it about a dozen times. Still cant figure out what he did.

  • Is that Corbin Bleu from high school musical. Still got it lad.

  • She cute

  • How to pick up a girl in 17: club and brute strength.

  • Was this video taken with a toaster?

  • Dont be fooled gentleman. That was the “oh that was it? Quick, show a reaction to seem interested” face.

  • that david luiz?

  • The figit god him self

  • This guy fucks.

  • Worked for me with yoyos in 1999.

  • Title says 2017, but clothes, hair, and video quality say 1992.

  • Did I miss something interesting?

  • Zero?

  • r/FidgetSpinners

  • Daddy, how did you meet mommy?

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