how to draw a perfect circle

how to draw a perfect circle

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  • What if I need a smaller circle?

  • Spongebob did it better

  • This is a lot harder than it looks.

  • What if your not a skeleton?

  • Neat. I reckon I’d still find a way to stuff it up though.

  • Nice try skeletor your tricks won’t get you into grey skull today.

  • And if I don’t have a deformed hand?

  • I’d just draw ’round a plate or a mug or something

  • There’s a lightbulb joke in here somewhere.

  • It’s not centered, very disappointed.

  • This works really well for all mediums especially when you expect the world to revolve around you so you can draw a circle with no measure or predetermined scale.

  • My hands are shaky as fuck no way this works for me.

  • What if I need to draw a perfect square?

  • *It’s not like you killed someone…*

  • Ok first starve yourself for 8 days so you have a wrist like a vulture.

  • But I’m left handed…

  • /r/gifsthatendtoosoon

  • Someone’s gonna learn this then keep showing it off too damn much.

    I hope they’ll be nick-named the “circle jerk”.

  • I’m calling bullshit

  • [Witchcraft](

  • Here’s an [alternative method]( for those who aren’t physically able to do this.

  • step 1, activate paper spinner…

  • Step one: get bony-ass wrists.

  • looks like you need a super skinny hand

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