How to communicate with blind people

How to communicate with blind people

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  • I usually tap on their nose in Morse code

  • I know there’s no such thing as stupid questions in a sub called r/NoStupidQuestions, but this *had* to be pushing the envelope.

  • I had something like this slip through my mouth’s quality control filter once. I said “huh, you know what I just realized? When deaf people talk to each other, they wouldn’t even need to take out their headphones since they’re just using sign language.” As soon as I finished the sentence, I’m pretty sure there were little people at a control panel like in Inside Out pounding alarms and getting on the phone with QC about their shoddy filtering.

  • I just use smoke signals. They can smell the messages.

  • I’ve always wondered why they have those beeps at cross walks for deaf people

  • Stop making fun of me I just had a moment

  • [deleted]

  • “Why do meteorites always land in craters?”

  • There may not be any stupid questions but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

  • I really wish someone would have ran with this one and convinced this guy there was a clicking language.

  • I was the one who answered that. I had to hold back from saying “with you face hole.”

  • This is like the family guy skit where Peter speaks Braille to the blind guy.

  • Apparently there is *ONE* stupid question.

  • I mean I’m all for making fun of people, but even if this question is outrageous, he felt brace enough to post it in a sub where you are supposed to post stupid questions. It’s not like the average post here where the poster is arrogant and has no shame in what they say. Maybe this OP was high?

  • I’ve been told blind people can communicate by releasing a sonic wave from their mouth.

  • This HAS to be satire. Please?

  • doesn’t this thread totally defeat the purpose of r/NoStupidQuestions but inadvertently calling the question stupid?

  • You have violated the sanctity of /r/NoStupidQuestions

  • I mostly write on a chalk board. That mostly does the trick…mostly

  • Some people see the nostupidquestions and see it as a challenge apparently… because that was a dumb fucking question

  • r/okaymaybesomestupidquestions

  • “no stupid questions”

    Challenge accepted

  • It’s really nice of them to edit with the answer when they figured it out. Now the next person wondering that will have the solution when they google it.

  • The edit makes this

  • “r/nostupidquestions”

  • One time I explained to a friend how I’d like to learn sign language to communicate with deaf people. He told me to just write.

  • Off-topic but equally embarrassing.

    A friend and I (stoned out of our gourds) spent 5 minutes talking about how cool it would be if 4/20 ever fell on the same day as his birthday. I think we scrolled a few years ahead in our calendar apps before we realized what the fuck we were doing.

  • Post this to me_irl to double the karma

  • When a guy clearly trolling makes it to the top of this subreddit, that’s an even bigger facepalm. Are you people blind?

  • *Ironic*

  • r/twostupidquestions
    Edit: I didn’t know that sub was real. I knew about r/onestupidquestion, but not that

  • I almost admire the impulse to openly answer your own dumb question instead of immediately removing the post and dedicating the next 6 months of your life to having that whole part of the internet removed

  • Not much to laugh at these days, but this one made me belly laugh. Thanks! I needed a good laugh!

  • this is fucking brilliant.

  • Good job blanking out his name! Too bad you left the reddit icon and the subreddit’s name. It took 2 seconds to find the person that made the post.

  • Wow

  • Someone had to take one for the team and say YES, TRY IT.

  • Lol I asked my mom this question and she said,”Hmm. I don’t know? How do you talk to blind people?”

  • We used to live close to a school for the blind, and I once had the thought “Hmm… wonder why I see so many blind people walking around in this neighborhood rather than on bicycles or in cars.” Felt really stupid right after completing that thought.

  • I had a face palm moment a few years ago when I realized there was braille on my beer bottle.

    “Blind people get drunk!!!??”

    It was something I just never considered, and was made to feel very dumb immediately.

  • I was in Boston recently on business and as my Uber is heading west on the Pike there is a billboard advertising the very famous Perkins School for the Blind (Helen Keller went there). It was written in braille. I get the point but it just seemed stupid to me.

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