How manhole covers are replaced

How manhole covers are replaced

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  • How manhole covers are ‘SUPPOSED’ to be replaced.
    This technique must not be used in my town.

  • Why do they need to remove the asphalt around the old manhole?

    Also old manhole sounds dirty.

  • >Sweeping up the loose bits of asphalt

    Oh, so this isn’t in America, then.

  • Interesting! I’ve got lots of new manhole covers replaced near me in this fashion. Except they didn’t do the last step of leveling it :/

    Pretty much have to dodge around them when on my motorcycle. When I do, I pretend I’m one of those super bike racers doing crazy manuevers and it brightens my day just a little. So I guess it’s not all bad.

  • They definitely do not perform those last few steps where I live.

    The severe decline in quality of roadwork over the last decade or two really makes me sad.

  • It showed them sweeping and cleaning up. That’s definitely not how they do it in the states.

  • They forgot to mention that it takes 3 weeks and is done in only peak hours of traffic

  • They forgot to show the 6 dudes watching them work.

  • Not in Manhattan they aren’t.

  • Come on, you know any city worker or contractor is not putting in this kind of effort. And I love how they just dump the old asphalt down the hole. Real nice.

  • /r/oddlysatisfying

  • I loved how they include sweeping up the excess gravel(macadam?) as part of the process of installing the new manhole cover.

    Take pride in your work and do it well.

  • They left off the part where it stays 4″ raised above the roadway for 3 months before sinking 6″ below the roadway overnight.

    Truly a magical operation.

  • They should have added a clip of one of the guys climbing into the hole before the shots of them sealing in the top

  • *How German manhole covers are upgraded* *

  • Where I live, you’d also see six other guys leaning on shovels for the 4 months it took to complete the task.

  • I’ve seen this before but I believe it was for an area in Germany

  • This was so nice at the end when the level measured it… I could of only dream of Vancouver city workers being as precise.

  • I’ve seen this technique used more out west, particularly in the San Francisco area, where workers have more experience with man holes.

  • At first I thought those were Legos….

  • Lol at the contractors “sweeping up” the left over asphalt. Never seen that in my life in a project

  • FAKE! Where’s the 15 other guys standing around?

  • /r/ManholePorn

  • I lost it when they busted out the broom.

  • I love how they brought out the ‘squisher’ to finish the job.

  • I have seen this being done in Albania, but in reverse

  • Shouldn’t there be at least 2 guys watching one guy work the whole time? I’m confused.

  • The last dude is my favorite. He just cruises with his thumper, gettin’ paid, and I assume he is thinking about quantum physics and string theory while he does it.

  • That must be in Europe or some place, it’s certainly not done in Texas.

  • One of the core reasons a manhole cover is round is so that you can put it on with any orientation! Key nubs sticking up around the cover don’t make any sense

  • Used to work for a paving company. They charged 1250 for each one. They could do one in half hour and cleared over 1000 on each. They would do 15-20 a day. Anytime we had a contract for more than a few we would basically drop everything to go do them

  • “Now we take a break and do the gardening!” -Man in the middle of the GIF with the watering can.

  • What country is this? Cuz I *know* this isn’t how we do it in the U.S.

  • Yeah show this to the road workers in Pittsburgh. They pave a road and leave the manhole protruding like 8 inches above the surface.

  • You forgot the part where they push it down an extra 5-7 inches so that when distracted motorists drive over them, you pop your left rear tire.

  • After seeing how much effort and care went into it I knew exactly that it’s going to be German stuff.

  • They did this on my street, except they dug the street up around the manhole, then just left it unfinished with some traffic cones around it for about two weeks before they finally came back to finish it.

  • Yeah, I need to send this to Mumbai municipality.

  • This is neat, but how did they get the city to actually do it.

  • Womanholes everywhere are jealous.

  • In what fucking town‽
    They may as well fit them into the sides of speed bumps here it’s like they just dump the shit on the cover and do no finishing work.

  • This is amazing! Perhaps some day in the distant future this technology will come to Morocco, where manholes tend to be about half a foot beneath the rest of the road’s surface.

  • Woah there is a machine to actually level out the black stuff? In Milwaukee the construction workers just kinda whack at it with a shovel.

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