• I miss Germany. Here, I eat and drink like I did there, and I’m called an addict.

  • just a tip for your schnitzel. It looks like you did not have enough fat in the pan you fried it in. Your Schnitzel is supposed to “swim” in the pan. It tastes best if you used clarified butter.

  • Looks like something you eat before going out to slay a dragon

  • Looks great! I haven’t had a good weiner schnitzel in a while, might make some this weekend!

  • Looks and sounds tasty! Not sure what it is though…

  • Looks great… Well done! What kind of beer are you enjoying with the meal?

  • I have the same exact plates!

  • You most likely made/had a Schnitzel Wiener Art.
    The original “Wiener Schnitzel” is made out of veal.

    Edit: seems like this has been clarified multiple times .. dont you steal our food culture like france did with crepes and crossaints …

  • Wunderbar!

  • Looks tasty. Most people just call it schnitzel FYI, the wiener part is just more or less denoting the cuisine style.

    It’d be like saying you’re having Italian lasagna

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