[Homemade] Thin Crust Pizza

[Homemade] Thin Crust Pizza

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  • As a guy who loves saucy pizza. Hell yeah I approve.

  • I’m so fixated on the fact you got your cheese the PERFECT golden bubbly brown! Good job OP, looks awesome!

  • All these comments and not one person asked for the recipe?! Could you please share? πŸ™‚

  • Looks great. How do you manage to get the dough cooked through with all the sauce? My pizza dough always ends up soggy if I use more than, oh, two drops of sauce.

  • Looks great! Now I want pizza.

  • I love making homemade pizza. I usually make one every week. Maybe a thin crust cheese pizza for me, and pepperoni for my fiance.

  • Yummy yummy yum yum

  • I’m just learning to make pizza so it will probably be over my skill level, but how did you get the crust to be so thin? My first attempt I got a really thick crust. Is it just a matter of flattening it a lot? Do you use only your hands or also a rolling pin? Thin crust pizza must be my favourite kind of pizza so I really want to move to it as I learn!

  • I swear, whenever someone posts a pizza on this subreddit I automatically know what I’m having for dinner. I can’t resist pizza πŸ™

  • Would definitely eat

  • Bruh. Dopeeeee

  • I like every type of pie. That is an awesome thin crust pie!

  • Everything about this picture makes me want to make some delicious pizza!!!!! This looks so tasty, thank you:)

  • Love it

  • I’d love a slice

  • Why did you put leaves on it

  • good try nice

  • That looks delicious.

  • You don’t do deliveries to Canada by chance eh?

  • Nice!

  • Anybody ever use an Uuni?


  • That looks so good πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ send the recipe this way

  • I am on a diet. This is painful. Yum!

  • St. Louis style πŸ‘Œ

  • Does the cheese DROOP? 🀀

  • [removed]

  • Turn your heat down a tad, and go for the slightly more expensive mozzarella balls, your cheese won’t burn but will become one with the pizza. The way some pizza gods taught me some years ago. Praise you gods, you dirty delicious pizza gods.

  • just buy papa johns

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