[Homemade] Sushi!

[Homemade] Sushi!

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  • I’m so hungry

  • This looks like an incredible game of battleship.

  • I see two sets of chopsticks…wonderful, now I can eat it all with two hands instead of one.

  • I need to make friends with someone like you. I’d come over for dinner all the time and bring cheap Chardonnay to pair with the sushi.

  • Use a coaster, you savage.

  • Looks good. My wife and I made some a few times. Then, we got lazy. We would just throw the ingredients into a bowl and call it “sushi bowls”.

  • That looks so good. I want to take a sushi making class so bad. My wife doesn’t seem interested.

  • This photo brings me happiness.

  • Is there any raw fish in the sushi? If so, where do you get your sushi-grade fish at?

  • Almost R/accidentalswastika

  • I used to work above a great Japanese sushi restaurant, and would sometimes go there for sushi. Also lived near a great sushi place that delivered to my house.

    I moved and changed jobs 2 years ago, and haven’t had sushi since. I miss sushi 🙁

  • Just a tip for all you homemade sushi enthusiasts. You can get more evenly cut pieces by following a method like this:

    – cut a piece on the end off about the width of your thumb
    – cut the remaining roll in half
    – cut both large pieces in half
    – cut all four larger pieces in half.

    You’ll wind up with 9 fairly uniform pieces that are easier to fit in your mouth. (this works for full sheets that have been cut in half, I’m not sure about anything else)

    Another tip for cutting is to lightly oil the knife with sesame oil to keep it from pulling on the rice.

  • What kind of fish/crab did you use? And where did you get it?

  • “It’s FUCKING RAW!”

    -Gordon Ramsey

  • If you don’t mind me asking, how were you able to make such well-put-together inside out rolls (rice on the outside)?

    Whenever I’ve tried this I always fail and give up. The rice is just too sticky to work with and it sticks to the rolling mat too much. I’ve tried covering the rolling mat in plastic wrap but it just never stays on.

  • Best combo. Sapporo goes fantastically with sushi. A++ pairing

  • ^(sapporo is hands down my favorite beer.)

  • I work at a Japanese restaurant and this makes me wish I didn’t have the day off today.

  • Gotta have Sapporo with sushi

  • With the Sapporo and everything. Damn that looks delicious.

  • Looks yummy! I rolled sushi at a restaurant in college and it’s a skill I’m very fortunate to have. The older sushi chefs were extremely picky on presentation. I didn’t realize it was such an art until they pointed things out. Now I can’t unsee mistakes.

  • These look amazing! Though I’ll never make sushi on my own because the effort and the prep time is so vastly greater than the time it’d take for me to scarf them all down. It’s not worth it for me. So good on ya OP.

  • Which beer is that?

  • No coasters?? You heathen

  • mmmm, my favorite food! Looks delicious! 😀

  • Can…can I marry you?

  • Hey please tell me what the sushi is left to right, top to bottom.

  • Looks delish

  • Looks great! What are the combos?

  • Mmm looks amazing

  • Well done. The jalapeño rolls look excellent, and Sapporo is the correct beverage.

  • beautiful

  • I want to try this, is it worth the price and time?

  • No descriptions? What kind of rolls? The jalapeno one intrigues me.

  • The Sapporo makes this perfect

  • > “I ever tell you about the time Keith made sushi? Yeah, his mom took him to a sushi place for his birthday and he didn’t want to go, but he turned out he LOVED it, man. But it’s like 10 bucks a su-sho in one of them places, so Keith figures, “Hey, how hard can it be to roll up some raw food in seaweed,” right? As it turns out, it’s hard. Now, they say that experience is the best teacher, and experience taught Keith that if you ever eat three pounds of raw chicken, it kills you. Now luckily, Keith’s brain went into self-defense mode and started shutting organs down to head the chicken off at the pass, and the doctors were able to get ’em out before his heart stopped. But to this day, Keith has no sensation in his right foot, and doesn’t recognize his own brother Paul no more.”

  • But why only California rolls?

    Still made me hungry though.

  • Woah, teach me your ways!

  • I would love to learn how to make sushi. I became allergic to shellfish a few years ago and have really really missed eating it

  • When I attempted to make sushi it looked like someone had chewed them and then vomited them back up.

  • This can’t be real. It’s impossible to make sushi at home!

  • This is definitely an upgrade from gas station meal deals…

  • Looks good!

  • Definitely homemade. That must’ve taken you hours to make and only 5 minutes to eat. Looks so good.

  • After living in china for 7 years and moving back to the US. I no longer have any idea what sushi is.

  • Fucking awesome 🙂


  • Is the sauce just soy sauce? I go to my express sushi place and the sauce always taste a bit different then straight soy sauce

  • Looks better than the shit sushi I bought last night

  • Holy moly. This looks great!

  • /r/accidentalswastika?

  • Sloppy af

  • Looks a little underdone

  • Sushi rolls*

  • Thanks guys & girls I’m glad you like it!

  • Very westernized sushi. Looks good though.

  • Looks delicious! What kind of rolls are they?

  • I’ve made my own sushi a few times, just veggie rolls. They turned out great!

  • I just suck at making sushi. Like somehow a roll that should be 15 minutes to make somehow takes me an hour. And then it doesn’t even taste as good as I was hoping!

  • Learning to roll sushi is on my to do list this year.

  • How did you learn to make sushi? Would you make any recommendations on where to learn for a beginner? Thanks!

  • I tried making sushi but the rice is so damn messy when making it!

  • lovely

  • Looks good

  • I love the Sapporo Silver Cans.

  • You’ve nailed it ! including presentation!

  • Damn.. that looks so bomb!

  • I love it! Since I have a shellfish allergy I’ve only been able to order the salmon skin rolls in fear of accidentally eating crab 🙁

  • You even got Sapporo – my man!

  • My goodness let me come over for dinner

  • The Sapporo and jalapeño roll sealed the deal for me dear God

  • This is awesome. Only way it could be better is if the rolls were set up “nyotaimori” style. 😉

  • Is making your own sushi worthwhile as opposed to ordering it from a restaurant? Seems like it’d just take more effort and money for lesser quality sushi.

  • You put rice wine vinegar in the rice, right? I hate it when a sushi restaurant uses bland rice and it happens so very often.

  • When I make homemade sushi, they just turn into sushi burritos. My first time making sushi I over estimated how much rice and imitation crab goes into one, I ended with 8 burrito size California rolls

  • What does it mean if I’m more turned on/appetized by the beers than the sushi

  • Downvoted because this made me crave. Kidding, but I’d kill to have some. 😩😩

  • Hey there, I’m with a team that manages social media content for Sapporo Premium Beer.

    Just wanted to say this is a great image—we don’t see many people sharing photos that look this nice.

  • Yummy. I want some. 🍣🍣🍣

  • /r/accidentalswastika ?

  • Sorry, sushi rookie here. What’s that pink stuff next to the soy cup? I’ve seen it serve it in a plate before but never asked and never ate it because it smells bad.

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